Customised Slim designer water bottles Corporate Gifts

Watsons Memobottle - Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore (1)

We are honoured to have helped Watsons customise memobottle Slim designer water bottles for their annual gift giftaway. With this awesome gift, it is no wonder we see snaking queues at their redemption counters. This is our first collaboration with them and with this gift, we are sure of many more collaborations to come.

Customised Drybags Corporate Gifts

Drybag Syndeo 10L

In our partnership with Temasek Polytechnic, we are glad to be selected by TP to customise dry bags for their orientation programme. With these top quality customised dry bags, we are sure the freshmen’s belongings will be well protected during the hussle and bustle of the whole orientation programme. Our customised dry bags are fully waterproof, with a rubberised exterior and a tarpulin material interior. Only top quality dry bags are made like ours.

Customised Sporks Corporate Gifts

HDB 3-in-1 Cutlery Spork Set - Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore (6)HDB 3-in-1 Cutlery Spork Set - Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore (7)

In our collaboration with HDB, and once again for their sales promotion period, we are delighted to have specifically customised 3-in-1 Sporks with 4C logo printing on neoprene pouch for the Housing and Development Board. For the customised Sporks, otherwise known as cutlery set in pouch, the customised four coloured sporks are in conjunction with HDB’s corporate colours. In addition, we used a special printing technique to print food safe logo and dishwasher safe logo onto the sporks. With such a nice redeemable gift, hurry and head on down to the HDB Shopping centres to redeem them!

Customised Face Towels Corporate Gifts

Cotton Face Towel- Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore (1)

For this project, we are appointed to customise high quality face cotton towels for South West CDC‘s community outreach programmes. Our customised face towels are made from top quality cotton material, and we are delighted to have delivered these wonderfully customised face towels to 17 community centres in the South-West area of Singapore within the stipulated time frame. Once again, we are glad to be able to contribute back to the society.

Customised Sports Bottle Corporate Gifts

PA Foldable Water Bottles mockup

In our collaboration with Marsiling Community Centre, we are delighted to have been tasked to customise Sports water bottle for Marsiling CC’s family day event. We are glad that we can once again contribute back to the community with our little actions. Hydrate up with our wonderfully crafted sports water bottle!

Customised 2-in-1 USB Phone Fan & 16GB Brick USB Thumb Drive

Phone Fan - Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore (4) Phone Fan - Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore (6)

NYP Brick Thumbdrive - Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore (11)NYP Brick Thumbdrive - Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore (10)NYP Brick Thumbdrive - Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore (9)
NYP Brick Thumbdrive - Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore (8) NYP Brick Thumbdrive - Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore (1)

In our collaboration with NYP, albeit with a different team, we are glad to have received the referral from our first collaboration with NYP. For this project, we have customised 2-in-1 USB phone fan and Brick USB Thumb drive (16GB). The USB Brick Thumb drive has extra significance for the NYP event as the gifts are for their freshmen orientation programme, and the Brick USB Thumb drive is meant to showcase the significance of teamwork. We wish the NYP freshmen all the best in their academics, and we hope our unique USB thumb drive can assist them in their daily work.

Customised Picnic Mats for PA Corporate Gifts

PA Picnic Mat

In our collaboration with Kaki Bukit Community Centre, we are privileged to have been selected to customise picnic mats for their outdoor event. The picnic mats customisation was a wonderful and practical gift to the residents of Kaki Bukit as they enjoyed a night of fun-filled events under and stars, seating on the picnic mats. We are delighted that we are given the opportunity to contribute a little back to the community by a grassroots event and we hope for more participation in the future.

Picnic Mats Special Feature on MSF’s Facebook page!

Special Feature!

Picnic Mats Combined - Simplicity Gifts - Corporate Gifts Singapore Credit: Familes for Life Facebook Page[/caption]

In this special feature, we are proud to have our wonderfully crafted and customised picnic mat gifts to be featured by Families for Life on their Facebook page here as part of their #IChooseFamilyTime campaign. These awesome looking customised picnic mats have been specially customised with the Families for Life logo, for the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

These picnic mats have been manufactured with top quality printing, and waterproof canvas material for the interior of the picnic mat. At Simplicity Gifts, we are a firm believer in contributing to the society and we are glad that we are able to do so this time around, with thousands of families being able to enjoy some family time out in the lawns of Empress Place.


Customised 10,400mah Round Series Powerbanks Corporate Gifts

Powerbank - SP (3)

In this speciality project, we were engaged by Singapore Polytechnic to customise beautiful Singapore Polytechnic 10,400mah Round Series Powerbanks for their alumni. As customising powerbanks are our speciality, we were able to customise the powerbanks to the full requirements of Singapore Polytechnic. In addition to the powerbanks, we also customised a corporate looking box for the storage of the powerbanks.

Customised Picnic Mats Corporate Gifts

MSF Picnic Mats

In our collaboration with the Ministry of Social and Family Development, we took on a challenging task of fully customising 1.5m x 1.5m picnic mats for their outreach programmes. We are very proud to have successfully delivered the customised picnic mats, consisting of large amounts of logistical work. In our first attempt at customising picnic mats surface, which include the flap cover, we have delivered an excellent piece of work that only the best corporate gift company in Singapore is able to achieve. #ichoosefamilytime