Cotton Pro Mask for NTU

Unique Features of Project for NTU:

  • 1C logo printing on the mask
  • BFE>99% with additional PM2.5 filter in filter slot
  • Ergonomically designed filter slot can be used to put in medical grade disposable mask as an added layer of protection
  • Adjustable ear loops to suit all face sizes
  • Express 7 days delivery for any quantity after artwork confirmation

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4 Piece Gift Set for Singapore Hockey

Unique Features of Project for Singapore Hockey:

  • 1C logo print on all 4 different items – Drawstring Bag + Microfibre Towel + Lanyard + Foldable water bottle set
  • Colours of all items specially customised and tuned according to Singapore Hockey’s corporate colours
  • Individual OPP packaging for every item – Drawstring Bag + Microfibre Towel + Lanyard + Foldable water bottle for cleanliness
  • Extra thick 600D oxford material for drawstring bag and extra absorbent microfibre cloth material for microfibre towel
  • Professional product photography service for publicity materials
  • Express 12 days delivery for any quantity with customisation after artwork confirmation

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Customised Teddy Bear for ITE College Central

Unique Features of Project for ITE College Central:

  • Full customised teddy bear T-shirt design with customised wordings
  • Customised teddy bear fur colour to suit the event
  • 30cm overall length and 22cm in seating down position
  • Professional product photography service for publicity materials
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity with customisation after artwork confirmation

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Wood USB 8GB for Ray Photog

Unique Features of Project for Ray Photog:

  • Engraved logo print on customised wood series 8GB USB thumbdrive
  • Individual metal aluminium box packaging for professional look
  • Magnetic suction between USB body and USB cap
  • Professional product photography service for publicity materials
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity with customisation after artwork confirmation

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Prima Large Portable Fan for QBE

Unique Features of Project for QBE:

  • Premium large 8 inches Prima Multifunctional Fan with stable base
  • 1C logo print on the Prima Multifunctional Fan cover
  • Large 2500mah battery capacity for long lasting usage per battery charge
  • Individual box packaging for professional and corporate look
  • Complimentary Micro USB charging cable
  • Classic white and navy-blue Prima Multifunctional Fan for customisation
  • 3 different fan speeds for choosing
  • Express 12 days delivery for any quantity with customisation after artwork confirmation

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Reinforce Your Brand Recall Value with Customized Pen Drive Gifts

Every business thrives on brand recall value. Unless you’re in a business such as firing clay pottery or are a florist, there is little likelihood of customized pen drive gifts appearing dissonant. Pen drives are as portable as they are convenient for keeping vital information accessible. They have a universal appeal as they come in handy for people regardless of age, occupation, and gender.

Capitalize on the Love of Freebies

Most people love freebies. When they receive customized pen drive gifts at corporate events and seminars, people are likelier to remember your brand. You would be reinforcing your brand every time somebody needs to use that pen drive. This becomes more relevant when you use these gifts to promote new launches. You would create many more potential customers this way than through plain advertising on diverse media.

Customized pen drive gifts put you ahead of the competition, especially if you’ve printed the geographic address and the name of your website on them. They would certainly be more appropriate than a Van Gogh print or scented candles.Certain gifts have sentimental value, and show that you took the time to do something special. However, it is wiser to keep corporate promotional gifts practical.

Make Singapore Gifts Memorable and Distinctive

There are so many options to choose from that it is all too easy to make Singapore gifts both distinctive and memorable. From gourmet chocolates to personalized tablecloths to handicrafts, choose a gift that suits your budget, and the occasion. Your own relationship with the intended recipient – official, friends or family – would naturally define what would be the most appropriate gift. A diamond bracelet might be appropriate for your betrothed or wife, but not for your boss.

Some Singapore Gifts Are of Universal Appeal

When you look at items like flasks, coffee trays, pen stands, tote bags, power banks, and lacquer boxes, you know that they will have universal appeal. They are useful for just about everyone, regardless of age and sex. It is the thought behind a gift, as well as some special touch like personalization can make even an ordinary item like a bottle or can opener distinctive. Porcelain vases or statuettes for showcases; velvet cuddlies; candle stands; or even soaps to match a theme party can make appropriate gifts. The last thing you want is that your Singapore gifts land in the trash can or get pushed into some remote corner of a dresser.

Customised Lithium 5,200mAh Powerbank with 1C laser logo printing


For our maiden collaboration with the First Asian Team Underwater Rugby, we are pleased to be able to assist them with a tight turnaround time for customising the Lithium 5,200mAh powerbank with 1C logo printing. At Simplicity Gifts, we only require an approximate 10 days for delivery upon confirmation of digital logo mock up. Contact us at 83047575 to customise this wonderful gift for your recipients.

Why buy corporate gifts?

corporate gifts singapore

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Corporate gifts have been a long tradition for not only companies in the east, but also companies in the west. Although in Asia, there are indeed more occasions for corporate gifting. For a major and international city like Singapore, corporate gifts can be seen on traditional western holidays like the new year and Christmas, as well as Chinese holidays like the lunar new year. Other than the major holidays, companies in different industries also send out corporate gifts on related holidays or occasions.

Okay, so everyone is doing it. But why should I?

Doing something just because everyone is doing it is never a good idea, however, if everyone is doing it, you might want to take some time to see why. Here are a couple common reasons:


Because they are gifts

First of all, corporate gifts, by nature, are gifts. And no matter how you look at it, everybody likes gifts.  This might seem overly obvious, but it’s the key point to keep in mind when and if you decide to start giving out corporate gifts. As this is commonly overshadowed by other reasons behind corporate gifts.

When doing business or maintaining a business relationship, it is always better to have a happy and enjoyable relationship. And every now and then some small gifts could just be the perfect reminder of how you care more than just business and can often bring people closer. Your customers might be used to interacting with you in a professional manner, but at the end of the day, business is done by people. The human factor in any business relationship is still a key to many success as well as failure.


The perfect reminder

A unique or practical gift can stay on the recipient’s desk or everyday life for a long time. This is the reason why most if not all corporate gifts often come with a logo of the gifting company. Seeing your logo even when they are not in need of your service can put the image of your logo in the back of their mind, and when they do need your service, they are more likely to get in touch with vendors that they already know and remember. Even in the world of business, there is still some truth to the saying “out of sight, out of mind.” – So if you are not going to hang around on a daily basis, why not give out a little something to do exactly just that for you?


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A subtle marketing tool

Technically, anything with a company logo on it but not a product is considered a marketing material. Corporate gifts might not be as aggressive as flyers or advertisements, they still play a role in the marketing of your brand or company. As previously mentioned, it is a perfect reminder for your customers to keep you in mind. Choosing gifts that are somewhat related to your service or products can take that to the next level and further strengthen your customers’ impression on you. For example, if you are offering IT service, consider giving out USB thumb drives. If you are selling printing supplies, consider giving out unique pens or other stationary.

Furthermore, this is also an opportunity to show your customers who you are as a company. A sophisticatedly designed and executed gift says “We pay attention to details and care about everything we do.”. A simple, but practical gift says “We are not about nonsense and focus on getting the job done.”

And remember, the more your gift is being used or displayed, the more exposure it gets. This makes it a subtle advertisement for your brand and company.


Let your customers know that you are thinking of them

Just because the exchange of corporate gifts is between two parties or individuals that have a business relationship or potential business relationship, doesn’t mean it has to be all business. Think about why you get your friends and family presents on major holidays and special occasion. To make them smile? If so, the thought of wanting to make them smile itself is a proof of having them in mind the first place. Now, think about how pleasant it is to receive holiday greetings or just an unexpected postcard from friends in overseas. That’s how great it feels to know that someone is thinking of you. Now, through corporate gifts, you have the power to make your customers and potential customers to feel the same way, why waste it? When they know you are thinking of them, sometimes down the road, they will be thinking of you, too!