Customised Family Day Goodie Bag for Sembcorp

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The highlight of this month’s work is the production and delivery for Sembcorp family day, where 4500 staff and family members from Sembcorp were treated to an evening of fun-filled activities at Resorts World Sentosa Universal Studios.

We were proud and delighted that Sembcorp has selected us to be wholly in charge of conceptualisation, production, and delivery of their 2018 family day goodie bag. In total, we have customised the following cool gifts for Sembcorp Family Day event:

  1. 21 Inch Foldable Umbrella
  2. A3 Tote Bag
  3. Stainless Steel Cutlery Set with Neoprene pouch
  4. Waterproof Poncho
  5. Removable tattoo in 5 unique designs

Over the numerous meetings at Sembcorp office, the final goodie bags items and their respective artwork designs were confirmed with their family day organising committee. Next, our team proceeded with full production on all gifts, with special attention paid to the deadline as we wanted to deliver something special for Sembcorp’s staff and family members.

Finally, after all the items have completed production, our skilled team put together all the goodie bags in less than a week to deliver the goodie bags to RWS on the event day. We are extremely glad that we had received positive feedback on the whole process, from the promptness of replies to queries, to the quality of the gifts.

We hope that we had impressed upon our future clients that we could deliver goodie bags on a large scale. Contact us at 8304-7575 to customise your very own event goodie bags with us now!