Customised Masks from Singapore, Covid Care Packs

The idea of gifting care packages is still a new concept. Therefore, you stand to arouse curiosity not only among the recipients, but also their friends, neighbors, and other loved ones over why you chose to gift care packs instead of the more usual items when someone reaches a personal or professional milestone, and during the festive season. It is always a sensible idea to move with the times. The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined how a tiny virus can bring countries to a standstill, and hold entire populations to ransom. The takeaway of the experience of the first half of 2020 has been that you can’t take health and hygiene lightly any longer.

Keep the Novel Corona virus Out of Your Homes and Offices

The two commonest things every person does all the time is to breathe to stay alive, and touch various surfaces ranging from phone screens, keyboards of computers and laptops, door knobs, hand rails, taps, to table tops, and fridge door handles. The real risk of infection arises when one touches one’s mouth, face, eyes, or nose after touching a contaminated surface. Since the WHO has declared that the COVID-19 can spread through the air we breathe if a carrier has sneezed, coughed, or even spoken very loudly; it has become critical that we wear masks when we step outside the home, or when someone comes in from outside. This is why we include sanitizers, face shields, and diverse kinds of masks in every care package we design in Singapore.

The Importance of Preventive Care Cannot Be Overemphasized

Since it isn’t practical to be washing your hands all the time, you should look at options of using a hand sanitizer whenever somebody enters your home or office. Different surfaces should be periodically rubbed down using a sanitizer or a disinfectant. You can gift a cotton pro face mask with PM2.5 filter, or a disposable mask to visitors, if they aren’t wearing one. Pick and choose what you want in any given care package with an eye to your budget, and needs. You can get a customised care package filled with healthy snacking options, especially for occasions where you would have typically gifted a hamper of edibles and other goodies. Your options include  a 40g pack of Camel almond or pistachios nuts; Hand brand broad beans, cashews, or pistachio nuts; Kinder Bueno T2 Chocolate; Ferrero Rocher T3; Loacker Wafer Chocolate; Meiji Hello Panda; Nestle Milo Snack Bar; Fishermen’s Friend Lozenges; Nin Jom lozenges; Meiji plain crackers; and Oreo wafer roll among others.