Demonstrate Your Compassion With Medical Care Packages from Singapore

Challenging times such as now during the novel corona crisis are precisely the times when you display just how much you care for your loved ones, and your colleagues. While the majority of those infected are asymptomatic; they can still infect others. Therefore, it is vital for you to remain proactive in warding off infection.

Order Medical Care Packs in Singapore

Unfortunately, many providers have been misled into imagining COVID-19 to be a self-limiting ailment, and did not undertake any intervention beyond the symptomatic till it was very late. Just keep in mind that, though the novel corona virus is a single strain, but corona viruses are a group of viruses, including the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). Since the best action in this case is the preemptive one, you would do well to order medical care packs in Singapore for your loved ones now.

Get Value for Money

When you order a premium care pack you get five face masks; one reusable mask; one 50ml bottle of hand sanitizer; one hard case mask holder; one adjustable face mask clipper; a set of ten sheets of alcohol wet wipes; as a chet of Centrum Vitamin C and Brands Berry Essence – all hygienically packed in a tote bag. Prior to delivery, all items, except face shield, will be packed in a canvas storage pouch. If you want, you can add immunity boosters tablets of Vitamin D; fish oil, in particular those which have Omega 3;antioxidants; calcium; chia seeds; and Vitamin B.

Sanitize Surfaces That You Might Have to Come into Contact With

The novel corona virus thrives on surfaces like tables tops, door knobs, taps, rods, handles, and is communicated from respiratory droplets when an infected person exhales, coughs, or sneezes. This is why every medical care package in Singapore contains sanitizers to keep your hands disinfected, and protective gear like face shields for those who already have breathing problems, which might get aggravated with prolonged use of a mask. Whether at home, in office, in a bank, in court, or at a retail outlet – just about any place where people may not necessarily have elected to be present despite an option to simply stay home – will need to be continuously sprayed with sanitizers and disinfectants.