There’re just too many concerns while gifting to someone, especially your loved ones. Will the receiver like the gift? Will he/she find it useful? What door gift ideas will be suitable for a particular occasion? When it comes to door gifts for corporates, this concern gets bigger because instead of considering one person, you’re selecting something that will be given to every single person in the company! But, there is no need to worry as it is possible to work within your budget and find a gift that can please most of your guests.

A door gift at an event can create a lasting impression for your company by creating buzz or excitement and putting a smile on the recipient’s face. If you want to offer more to your guests by giving them something useful at the door to an event you are sponsoring or at a trade show, our door gift ideas are extremely useful. Door gifts can be easily tucked into a grab bag and given to anyone that comes in to visit your location. Giving door gifts in Singapore as incentive for customers to come into your store can also work to draw crowd. Simplicity Gifts has a wide selection of cheap door gifts in Singapore. With useful items like water bottles, watches, USB drives and more, you can get premium quality items that your customers can use every day while showcasing your brand engraved on it.

To manage the budget carefully, many organizations work with their partners and suppliers to have the door gift sponsored. With a range of corporate premiums, custom toys, branded gifts being combined into a goody bag that is too customised with the event organizer logo or the event name. Simplicity Gifts help companies to get their gifts customised as per their requirement.

One item that is particularly common as a door gift or corporate premium for press conferences, store openings or to celebrate the launch of a new product service is a customised thumb drive.  It is very useful as you can store information, presentations, etc. in the thumb drive. At Simplicity Gifts, we offer both writing / designing service to help you create such customised gifts, leaving you free to concentrate on making your event a huge success. Talk to us about creating a customised door gift, or any other services that we can offer to make your goody bag special.