Employee Gift Pack for Mizuho

Unique Features of Project for Mizuho:

  • 2C logo printing on Air Pro Mask and Premium Gadget UV Sterilizer
  • Customised Air Pro Mask colours to suit Mizuho’s corporate colours
  • Premium Gadget UV Sterilizer suitable for both Apple and Android products that support wireless charging. The main feature is to provide sterilization of commonly used digital devices like watches and mobile phones to fight against covid-19
  • Premium gifts at affordable pricing to give thanks to hardworking staff
  • Professional product photography service for publicity materials
  • Express 12 days delivery for any quantity with customisation after artwork confirmation

Product Link: https://simplicitygifts.com.sg/product/premium-gadget-uv-sterilizer/, https://simplicitygifts.com.sg/product/air-pro-mask/