Stop the Spread of Infectious Agents

The major contribution of the Covid-19 pandemic has been to create a general public awareness of how contaminated surfaces can spread infectious agents. This is what has underscored the importance of using alcohol wipes in Singapore to sanitize surfaces. Though studies have demonstrated that soaps containing antiseptic ingredients are infinitely more effective in eliminating bacteria; it is not practical to clean many kinds of surfaces by washing with soap. You might also cavil at the damage that repeated use of soap perpetrates on your hands.

Observe the Magic of a Rub Down

Typically, rub downs have been associated with the care of cattle and horses. Yet, you should realize that you must sanitize the surface of your smartphone, laptop keyboard, office desk, and even computers screens regularly. The best option to do so would be for you to order alcohol wipes in Singapore in bulk. Some years ago, a survey had thrown up the shocking result that the surface of any given smartphone has more germs than an average toilet seat. So, you can well understand the inherent risk of infection every time you use your smartphone. Instead, just give it a gentle rub down with an alcohol wipe at least once a day to keep infection at bay.

Keep Your Hands and Skin Safe from Irritation

It has been reported that people have suffered less skin irritation after regular use of alcohol wipes than after using antiseptic products like soaps containing chlorhexidine gluconate, or triclosan. If you opt for alcohol wipes with 75 percent medical grade alcohol, i.e., ethyl alcohol, then you will find that there has been a significant reduction in the colony count of bacteria on the surface that you are sanitizing or disinfecting. Every time you use an alcohol wipe you might get a cold feeling, or a burning or stinging sensation. However, should you experience any allergic reaction, stop using it, and contact your doctor or visit the nearest emergency room immediately.

Prevent Transmission of Pathogens

Keep in mind that it is never a question of just a few bacteria moving around invisibly. They tend to infest places in colonies. Therefore, you must regularly sanitize surfaces you come into contact with to prevent germs reaching your eyes, nose, or mouth. How often you must use alcohol wipes will depend on whether it is a table top, the screen of your smartphone, the keyboard of a laptop/computer, ora door handle.