Why Personalized Gifts Are Better

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With two back to back gifting season in Singapore, corporate gifts buyers have been wondering if it is worth it to order personalized gifts for certain clients, or even, if it makes a difference at all. Today we would like to share some thoughts on this particular matter.


Let’s talk about what gifts mean to people

Gifts, in general, are considered a token for appreciation, although everyone enjoys being appreciated, there is without a doubt some different level of appreciation you can express through a gift. It has been long established that, when it comes to personal gifts, a personalized gift is better than a non-personalized gift. Not only does it create a uniqueness that is generally greatly appreciated, it also represents a more in depth relationship between the two, given at least some level of familiarization is required for one to even come up with a personal gift for another person.


What do corporate gifts mean to people, then?

Now, what about corporate gifts? Some might think that personalized corporate gifts are perhaps just one step too far and that that level of intimacy is perhaps only appropriate for friends and family. In fact, that is not the case at all. A personalized corporate gift tells your client that not only do you value the relationship you have together, you are also keen to have a closer relationship, and that they are special to you. It’s a nice gesture that invites a closer relationship, something people generally don’t hate in the world of business with almost no downside and impossible to backfire. So relax, this is not like sending your ex-girlfriend a diamond necklace with her initials carved into it, which could easily backfire and I suggest you really, really think things through before you commit.

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Personalized corporate gift’s main advantage

Another strong reason to go with personalized corporate gifts is also perhaps the main reason most people do it- To stand out.

By now we know corporate gift giving is so common that almost everyone and their mother does it. This also means that people receive a lot, and I mean, a lot of corporate gifts during the holiday seasons as well as other common local occasions. Naturally, when there is a lot of something, inevitably, one or two of those things would probably go unnoticed. And because the marketing nature of corporate gift, the last thing you want is have your corporate gift buried deep under other gifts and never even see the light of day.

Now, I’m not saying that personalized gifts guarantee eyeballs, attention and appreciation from the recipient. There are still a handful of things that can go wrong when it comes to personalized corporate gifts. But at least it’s a good start to differentiate your gift from all the others. After all, in the world of business as well as professional relationships, there is no such thing as “It’s the thought that counts”.

Personalized gifts can especially be more effective at attention catching when your intended recipient is a big corporation, the more business relationships they have, the more likely that they receive a good amount of corporate gifts when it comes the season. The fact that the gift is personalized, it almost always guarantees at least a couple more seconds of time that the recipient will spend on the gift. And that is a couple more seconds of time for you to work your marketing magic with the gift. The end goal is always to ensure your client enjoy your corporate gift, not just giving out corporate gifts for the sake of it.


Now, we have shared two main reasons why we think personalized gifts are better for both personal and business purposes. There are, of course, other factors to take into consideration, such as budgets, designs, and the items you’re choosing and the level of personalization that can be incorporated to the gift. However, those vary case by case and we recommend a detailed discussion with your corporate gifts vendor to determine the best way to proceed. Last but not least, always double check with the compliance and regulation to ensure that you’re not stepping any line with your gifts and getting anyone in any trouble.

And if you had any other question, give us a ring and have a little chat, we would love to help!