Customised Gift Box Singapore Raikan Ilmu for Mendaki Singapore

Raikan Ilmu was first launched by Yayasan MENDAKI in October last year to create a movement within the community to embrace lifelong learning as part of our culture. This year, Raikan Ilmu 2020, will be held for the second time in the same month.

Unique Features of Project:

  • Supporting Raikan Ilmu festival to procure, manufacture, pack, and deliver gift boxes to recipients island wide.
  • 3 sample trials to get the gift boxes in perfect conditions before full production and packing
  • Project management for Mendaki to help align all production crew to meet tight timeline and deliver successfully in the month of October for the launch of Raikan Ilmu
  • Customised 4 separate flyers and 1 booklet
  • Customised logo printing on colour pencil sets, magnetic bookmark, hard case mask holder, and full colour printing large sized box sticker
  • Large scale production and packing completed in less than 1 month
  • Arranged for courier service to pick up and deliver to recipients island wide

Items in package are:

  • Die-cut box packaging x 01
  • Customised 4 printed flyers + 1 booklet
  • Customised hard case mask holder x 01
  • Customised magnet bookmark x 01
  • Customised colour pencil x 01 set
  • Customised story telling dice set x 01
  • Customised balloons x 02
  • Die cut cardboard toy
  • Origami paper x 01 set
  • Chapteh x 01
  • Colour pencils with grooves x 01 set
  • Customised box sticker x 01

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