Make Corporate Gifts in Singapore Fun

If you want fun corporate gift ideas, decide first whether you’ll be giving them as door gifts, or as items which people will have to win. The latter automatically enhances the value of the gifts, as they are perceived as trophies to be flaunted. The other major issue for you to keep in mind is whether they are to be given at a corporate party, or at an official convention or seminar.

Your choice of the corporate gift in Singapore will naturally vary according to the occasion. The kinds of gifts you present at a convention or a seminar will normally be rather formal, and are usually restricted to items like customized notebooks, executive pens, L-shaped folders, and lanyards. Depending on the nature of your business, you might even opt for caps or T-shirts embossed with your company’s name or logo, or even the brand you want to promote the most. This is especially relevant when the convention is to launch a new brand.

At a corporate party, your corporate gift ideas should emanate from a sense of fun. Therefore, you might want create baskets of assortments of diverse goodies. However, these gifts should be aligned to the brand image you desire to create.