Customised Masks from Singapore, Covid Care Packs

The idea of gifting care packages is still a new concept. Therefore, you stand to arouse curiosity not only among the recipients, but also their friends, neighbors, and other loved ones over why you chose to gift care packs instead of the more usual items when someone reaches a personal or professional milestone, and during the festive season. It is always a sensible idea to move with the times. The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined how a tiny virus can bring countries to a standstill, and hold entire populations to ransom. The takeaway of the experience of the first half of 2020 has been that you can’t take health and hygiene lightly any longer.

Keep the Novel Corona virus Out of Your Homes and Offices

The two commonest things every person does all the time is to breathe to stay alive, and touch various surfaces ranging from phone screens, keyboards of computers and laptops, door knobs, hand rails, taps, to table tops, and fridge door handles. The real risk of infection arises when one touches one’s mouth, face, eyes, or nose after touching a contaminated surface. Since the WHO has declared that the COVID-19 can spread through the air we breathe if a carrier has sneezed, coughed, or even spoken very loudly; it has become critical that we wear masks when we step outside the home, or when someone comes in from outside. This is why we include sanitizers, face shields, and diverse kinds of masks in every care package we design in Singapore.

The Importance of Preventive Care Cannot Be Overemphasized

Since it isn’t practical to be washing your hands all the time, you should look at options of using a hand sanitizer whenever somebody enters your home or office. Different surfaces should be periodically rubbed down using a sanitizer or a disinfectant. You can gift a cotton pro face mask with PM2.5 filter, or a disposable mask to visitors, if they aren’t wearing one. Pick and choose what you want in any given care package with an eye to your budget, and needs. You can get a customised care package filled with healthy snacking options, especially for occasions where you would have typically gifted a hamper of edibles and other goodies. Your options include  a 40g pack of Camel almond or pistachios nuts; Hand brand broad beans, cashews, or pistachio nuts; Kinder Bueno T2 Chocolate; Ferrero Rocher T3; Loacker Wafer Chocolate; Meiji Hello Panda; Nestle Milo Snack Bar; Fishermen’s Friend Lozenges; Nin Jom lozenges; Meiji plain crackers; and Oreo wafer roll among others.

Wide Usability of Care Packs in Singapore Makes Them Winners

Threatened by one of the worst pandemics in centuries, perhaps worse than the Spanish flu; the world is having to adjust to a new normal. The first world war killed more than 20 million people worldwide. The Spanish flu, which was one of the earliest manifestations of H1N1, spread over three years – 1918-1920  – to decimate the population of the world by almost one third. Despite the greatest advances in medicine since then, the novel corona virus, better known as COVID-19, has eluded identification of the source, causes, and treatment, though many informed guesses have been made. Most treatment regimens are experiential, meaning that outcomes can vary wildly in patients, especially those with co-morbidities.

Protect Yourself

Given that the COVID-19 infection spreads mostly through touching infected surfaces, and then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes, the best way to protect yourself from being infected is to wear a mask covering your mouth and nose. This ensures that the airborne droplets containing the novel corona virus does not enter your nose or mouth. There are several kinds of masks available, ranging from the use and throw to the reusable ones. The best ones are the KN95 masks which are not only reusable, but permit easy breathing.

Get Your Gifts Delivered Anywhere

We deliver customised masks from Singapore to different places around the globe. So, if you have been considering sending your business associates, clients, or colleagues gifts to demonstrate your solidarity in trying times; dispatching boxes of customised masks is a sound idea. Unless your recipients are in a high risk area, you can send protective masks, rather than surgical ones. The difference is in the weave of the middle layer. In surgical masks, the middle layer has a tighter weave to keep even fine particles out. For those who are allergic to synthetic materials, you can always choose cotton masks lined with a filter.

It Isn’t Necessary to Splurge a Fortune to Demonstrate How Much You Care If costs are a constraint for you, remember that the care packs we put together can be adjusted to your needs and budget. Choose how many disposable masks; whether you want to add a foldable mask holder or hard case mask holder; alcohol wet wipes; the size of the bottle of sanitizer – 60 ml or 50 ml; lozenges; even which health supplements you might want to add to the list. It is the thought, and not your budget, which counts. Moreover, every care pack has a wide usability which makes it a winner every time.

Demonstrate Your Compassion With Medical Care Packages from Singapore

Challenging times such as now during the novel corona crisis are precisely the times when you display just how much you care for your loved ones, and your colleagues. More than any previous pandemic to sweep the world, COVID-19 is dangerously infectious, and can spread through droplets in the air and on surfaces, especially frequently used surfaces. While the majority of those infected are asymptomatic; they can still infect others. Therefore, it is vital for you to remain proactive in warding off infection.

Order Medical Care Packs from Singapore Now

Unfortunately, many providers have been misled into imagining COVID-19 to be a self-limiting ailment, and did not undertake any intervention beyond the symptomatic till it was very late. Just keep in mind that, though the novel corona virus is a single strain, but corona viruses are a group of viruses, including the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). Since the best action in this case is the preemptive one, you would do well to order medical care packs from Singapore for your loved ones now.

Get Value for Money

When you order a premium care pack you get five face masks; one reusable mask; one 50ml bottle of hand sanitizer; one hard case mask holder; one adjustable face mask clipper; a set of ten sheets of alcohol wet wipes; as a chet of Centrum Vitamin C and Brands Berry Essence – all hygienically packed in a tote bag. Prior to delivery, all items, except face shield, will be packed in a canvas storage pouch. If you want, you can add immunity boosters tablets of Vitamin D; fish oil, in particular those which have Omega 3;antioxidants; calcium; chia seeds; and Vitamin B.

Sanitize Surfaces That You Might Have to Come into Contact With

The novel coronavirus thrives on surfaces like tables tops, door knobs, taps, rods, handles, and is communicated from respiratory droplets when an infected person exhales, coughs, or sneezes. This is why every medical care package in Singapore contains sanitizers to keep your hands disinfected, and protective gear like face shields for those who already have breathing problems, which might get aggravated with prolonged use of a mask. Whether at home, in office, in a bank, in court, or at a retail outlet – just about any place where people may not necessarily have elected to be present despite an option to simply stay home – will need to be continuously sprayed with sanitizers and disinfectants.

Get Preventive COVID Care Packs for Office Gifts

The world has to learn to live with COVID-19 much the same way it lives with tuberculosis, AIDS, cancer, and cardiac diseases. COVID-19 is more troublesome as even the medical community knows precious little about it. Everybody understands that it is a highly infectious disease, but there is still dispute as to how the infection spreads – from touching contaminated surfaces, through the air when an infected person sneezes or speaks loudly, shaking hands with gloves off. Your best bet is to be proactive about preventing the spread of the infection.

Specially Customise Your Care Packages 

One way you can prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to order your own COVID care pack from Singapore. Whether you order such packages for your personal use, for your loved ones, or your colleagues at the workplace; it will be your personal statement of how much you care. Even though we have created several categories of care packages to make it easier for you to choose; you can always create packages keeping in view your special needs and circumstances. Typically, we offer the following items in a basic care pack – two face masks, one 50ml hand sanitiser bottle, one foldable mask holder, one adjustable face mask clipper, one set of alcohol wet wipes containing 10 sheets, and a clear storage pouch.

Add Some Immunity Builders

You can add some immunity builders like Vitamin D, fish oil, chia seeds, antioxidants, and health supplements tablets like Omega3, Vitamin B, Calcium to COVID care packs as part of office gifts. There are few better ways to demonstrate how much you care than by gifting your personnel the employee care pack. With offices opening up, and employees gradually coming back to work in office, instead of working from home as they had been doing for the last few months; your responsibilities will increase exponentially. You must ensure that your office or commercial establishment doesn’t become a super spreader of the novel corona virus.

Give It That Personal Touch

You can put your gift care pack in a customised canvas tote bag stamped with your organization’s logo, especially if the set is being given as a corporate gift to customers, or clients, or to suppliers and agents. Certain items such as face shield, reusable mask, alcohol wipes, hand sanitiser, and mask protector can be customised where there is a minimum order for 300 packs. So, what are waiting for? Just give us a call at +65 8304-7575, or drop us a line at :


The team at Simplicity Gifts would like to say a big thank you to all our Clients who have shown faith in us in ordering these beautiful care packages in this past month. We are deeply humbled by the trust our Clients have in us and we will continue to put out great quality gifts at great prices!  ❤️

Basic Care Package for Raffles Institution

Unique Features of Project for Raffles Institution:

  • Customised NDP 2020 logo on clear PVC pouch
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity with customisation after artwork confirmation

Items in package are:

  • PVC Pouch x 01
  • Foldable face mask keeper x 01
  • Hand sanitiser (50mL) x 01
  • Adjustable face mask clipper x 01
  • Alcohol wet wipes x 01

Product link:

Snack Care Package for SAS

Unique Features of Project for SAS:

  • Personalised note from Management to WFH staff
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity with customisation after artwork confirmation

Items in package are:

  • Personalised note x 01
  • Meiji biscuits x 04
  • Mini Chipsmore x 01
  • Camel Cashew Nut x 01
  • Customised SAS Cotton Pro Mask with 1C logo print

Product link:

Bento Box with Cutlery Set for Riverside Sec

Unique Features of Project for Riverside Sec:

  • 1C logo print on Bento Box with Cutlery Set
  • Shrink wrap plastic packaging to prevent scratches on the bento box
  • Cutlery set with built in storage space provided in the bento box
  • Double layered with 3 separate compartments to store food
  • Elastic band to tie the bento box together to prevent spillage
  • Practical and useful gift to students to inculcate sustainability mindset from young
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity with customisation after artwork confirmation

Product link:

10W Trio Qi Wireless Fast Charger for OPSS

Unique Features of Project for OPSS:

  • Full Colour logo print on 10W Trio Qi Wireless Fast Charger
  • Complimentary micro USB charging cable
  • Fully customised gift box packaging
  • Qi Wireless fast charging technology
  • Express 12 days delivery for any quantity with customisation after artwork confirmation

Product link:

Compartment Collapsible Lunch Box with Spork for NUS

Unique Features of Project for NUS:

  • 1C one location logo print on collapsible silicone lunch box with spork
  • Water-tight four sided lock for cover on foldable lunch box with spork
  • Foldable collapsible design allows for easy keeping and easy transportation for daily use
  • Food grade silicone, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe
  • Individual compartments for separation of food/fruits
  • Individual OPP packaging
  • Customisable colours to your company’s corporate pantone colour (minimum quantity apply)
  • Express 12 days delivery for any quantity with customisation after artwork confirmation

Product link: