Take Care of Yourself with Proper Hand Hygiene

The biggest boon emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic is the way people have come to recognize the value of personal hygiene, especially of hand hygiene. Normally, washing one’s hands thoroughly with soap and water should suffice. However, the experience of these two years has demonstrated that it is not practical to keep washing one’s hands with soap and water every time you touch some kind of surface. Under such circumstances, it makes better sense to use hand sanitizers.

Halt the Spread of Contagious Diseases

When ordering a customized hand sanitizer in Singapore, keep in mind that the CDC recommends the use of a hand sanitizer which has a minimum alcohol content of 60 percent to kill germs which lie on the skin. These exclude norovirus, Cryptosporidium, and Clostridioides difficile, apart from chemicals and heavy metals, which can only be killed or removed from the skin using soap and water. You should use the hand sanitizer correctly to get maximum benefit from it. This means that you must not wipe your hands before they dry as that would reduce its effectiveness in fighting germs. Apply the liquid to the palm of one hand. Then rub it all over both hands until the sanitizer dries.

Keep Hand Sanitizer Bottles Always Accessible

Whether you are at home or in office, a bottle of customized hand sanitizer should always be kept from where you can reach it easily. Otherwise, if you have to rummage through a drawer of your desk, or through your handbag when you need to sanitize your hands because you had touched a surface which might be contaminated; then the entire purpose will be defeated. You must use a sanitizer immediately after sneezing or coughing. This will help you to ward off the coronavirus infection.

Get the Quantity Which Suits You Best

It is not necessary for you to buy a 100 ml. bottle, if you are going to be the only one using the hand sanitizer, especially when you are on the road. Then, you might look at one of the 30 ml. travel hand sanitizer packs. If you are gifting the hand sanitizer, or ordering for your office colleagues, then get the company logo printed on the bottle of the customized hand sanitizer in Singapore. Just make sure that it contains at least 75% medical grade alcohol.

Caution: Do not use hand sanitizer after fishing, gardening, camping, or playing outdoors when your hands are likeliest to be dirty or greasy. You must wash your hands with lukewarm water, and soap for at least 20-30 seconds after such activities.

Capture the Essence of Your Business with the Right Gift

Being properly hydrated is critical in all seasons. Unfortunately, most people imagine that you need to drink plenty of water only in hot weather. They overlook the fact that in winter too there is a distinct dryness in the air which makes it necessary for everyone to drink plenty of water. From a dry throat to stiffness of the tongue to a dry, scratchy skin – you might suffer from all kinds of distresses if you get dehydrated. However, you may not have access to trustworthy water sources all the time. The simple solution would be to always keep a filled water bottle handy.

Safe to Use Bio-Degradable Wheat Water Bottles

Whether you purchase them for yourself, or to gift them to loved ones or valued clients, there is something special about water bottles made from wheat straw. Personalise water bottles to give them your distinctive imprint. They make superb gifts at festivals, industrial conventions, trade shows, and seminars, as they are both chic and useful. If you intend to use it in your office, school, or college, then you can choose the 500 ml wheat water bottle which has a nozzle. This saves you the trouble of hunting for a clean tumbler every time you need to take a sip (or several sips) of water.

Use Personalised Water Bottles in Singapore Anywhere

You should drink adequate water before you work out. Therefore, choose something like the 500 ml wheat gym bottle. They are sturdy, and will not come apart if they accidentally slip from your hands. They have the advantage of being stylish yet inexpensive, and environment-friendly. Since they are free of BPA and phthalates, you need not fear contamination of the water you store in the bottles. Also, should you choose to store some beverage, milk, or fruit juice instead of water, it will keep just as well in such water bottles.

Healthy Water, Healthy People

Delightful colors make personalised water bottles perfect gifts, especially if you intend to make them gate gifts at a corporate event. They send out the message that you care for the health of the recipient as much as you care for the sustainable use of materials. If your company operates in the hospitality or food and beverages sector, then these eco-friendly gifts capture the essence of your business. Printing your company’s name, logo, and if possible, some contact information on the cap or side of the bottle will go a long way in promoting your brand.

Gift Swags for Great Place to Work

customised swags with full colour logo print for great place to work

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Happiness Care Package for Livspace

customised employee gift pack for Livspace Singapore

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Educational Pack for Yayasan Mendaki

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  • Full customised 40cm alphabet chart with Mendaki’s logo
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Leather Duffel Bag for SCDF

two in one duffel bag sling bag with full colour logo print

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Christmas Care Package for Richland

richland employee christmas gift box with chocolates. bird nest, honey, and chicken essence

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ABS Laptop Stand for Air Liquide

customised black ABS laptop stand for Air Liquide

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Employee Wellness Package for SLA

SLA employee appreciation gift box with nutrione nuts, vitamin c, chicken essence, chia seeds

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Nikko Felt Tote bag for Withersworldwide

A3 felt tote bag with two colour logo printing for withersworldwide

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