Establish a Bond With Your Clients

The company which establishes a bond with its clients thrives even in challenging times be it a pandemic, or an economic downturn. Gifts which are thoughtful and sensible go a long way towards conveying the message that you care. Typically, you would do well to pick some item which aligned to the industry vertical you operate in, and/or the occasion for the distribution of the gifts.

Gifts Are a Golden Opportunity to Promote Your Business

You don’t have cast your search far and wide to look for appropriate corporate gifts in Singapore. Your options range from things like wireless power banks (which no one can have too many of) to travel adapters and Hildebrand executive roller pen. It all depends on how many people are going to be recipients, your own budget, and what you really want to promote. You might want to present a premium USB humidifier, or an Aroma USB humidifier made from top quality materials to enhance the quality and value of this gift.

Gifts with a Touch of Class

With a metallic chromed surface as its main body material, the Hildebrand Roller Pen has intricately gold chromed edges to exude a touch of class, which makes it a perfect corporate gift. It comes with a stylish hard box exterior, which ensures that it will not be damaged during shipping. Fitted with a classy magnetic buckle atop quality PU leather, the Huxley leather notebook is among the finest corporate gifts in Singapore. It has 100 inner pages made from 100 gsm Japanese imported paper.

Showcase Your Company’s Profile

Many gifts present a golden opportunity for you to showcase your company’s profile. The customized USB thumb drive which doubles as an opener is the perfect gift for every occasion as it comes with a classy aluminum box, in addition to soft sponge to protect it. Since travel is an important facet of corporate life, the massage neck pillow makes a great gift. Whether it is used to simply support the neck during a long flight, or to give a massage too to relax those tensed muscles and nerves, you simply cannot go wrong when you present a massage neck pillow as a corporate gift in Singapore.

Takeaway: Whether you choose a universal travel adapter which fulfills all charging needs, or a leather card holder, you should first assess the kind of people who are to be the recipients to ensure that you do not ruffle any existing or prospective clients.

Impress Recipients with a Unique Gift

Finding a unique gift to impress the recipient is easier said than done. The pandemic has radically changed the lifestyles of most people. For the more gregarious, staying home without mingling with friends and colleagues for not just days, but for months has been sheer torture. No parties, no picnics, no gala events, or other major outdoor events – just stay put at home, barring the front-line corona workers. So, there has been no use for picnic mats in Singapore, even those which have significant aesthetic value. After all, they come in varied colors and designs. However, the upside is that for many it has been a wake-up call to begin investing in their health.

Appreciate the Value of Wellness

All these years it was thought that breathing in the fresh air, and spending more time indulging in outdoor activities was the panacea for most ills. However, people have become wary of spending time outdoors inhaling the air directly since there is still a conflict of opinion whether the coronavirus spreads through the air, or through contact with contaminated surfaces. Those who have begun to value wellness are putting their picnic mats in Singapore to creative use. They are using these mats as floor exercise mats because they have realized that some kind of physical activity is vital for good health. Since these mats are made of water-resistant woven material, they have the advantage of being all-weather in their usability. Moreover, they can be folded neatly into a small plastic packaging to keep them dust free.

Explore Other Gift Options

Keeping in mind that you have numerous gift options beyond picnic mats in Singapore. These include items like fitness trackers, USB hubs, wireless presenters, and portable electric fans. For the recipient, these spell convenience and cutting-edge technology – an enticing mix that makes any gift that much more valuable. If you feel that your target recipients will appreciate something that has more utility and relevance in everyday usage, then you simply cannot go wrong with bags. There are so many kinds of bags to suit every occasion, and every pocket that you will be quite spoiled for choice. On the other hand, if you want to demonstrate how ecologically conscious your company is, you have options of choosing cutlery sets made of wood, bamboo, and premium grade stainless steel. Since they are mounted on sturdy pouches of variegated colors, such cutlery sets make superb gifts.

Your Gifts Say a Great Deal About You

Every company distributes gifts for diverse reasons. Company milestones, festive season, the launch of new products or product line, corporate events – the reasons for giving people door gifts, or other gifts can be numerous. However, you should be cautious about the selection of gifts which bear the imprint of your company.

Match Your Choice with Your Industry Vertical

Every individual who is, or has been, responsible for choosing corporate gifts in Singapore knows just how challenging it can be to pick the right kind. Consider what would happen if a beverage company gifts leather belts to the participants of a seminar or workshop it has organized to introduce a new line of health drinks. As a gift it is not only inappropriate for the recipient, but also runs counter to the industry profile of your company. Instead, if you choose coasters made of felt or wooden ones, it is a subtle way of saying that your company cares for the environment as well as for the drinker of the brand being promoted.

Make Gifts Product Appropriate

Coasters say a great deal about the person who uses them, of how that person is finicky about there being no stains on desk or table tops where the cup or tumbler bearing the beverage is placed. Another great corporate gifts in Singapore would be the double walled glass cup with lid. It does not matter whether your company is in the beverage manufacturing or bottling business. The recipient might be working in office, or is frequently on the road, or even working from home. Most people need to drink some tea, coffee, health drink, or juice while working. Pouring it into a 350mL Jolly ceramic mug with wood handle, or a double walled glass cup with lid of varying quantities will remind them of your brand every time they drink from it.

Give Something That Is Handy

These days one of the most used items is the tissue – for wiping one’s face, for wiping surfaces which someone else may have touched, even for picking up objects lying on a table. Therefore, distributing leather tissue boxes as corporate gifts in Singapore is both practical and sensible. Since they come in different colors, you can always pick the design which matches the corporate colors, and get the name of your company, or the brand you want to promote printed on the side of the boxes. You might even insert a set of alcohol wipes inside each box for better impact.  

Stop the Spread of Infectious Agents

The major contribution of the Covid-19 pandemic has been to create a general public awareness of how contaminated surfaces can spread infectious agents. This is what has underscored the importance of using alcohol wipes in Singapore to sanitize surfaces. Though studies have demonstrated that soaps containing antiseptic ingredients are infinitely more effective in eliminating bacteria; it is not practical to clean many kinds of surfaces by washing with soap. You might also cavil at the damage that repeated use of soap perpetrates on your hands.

Observe the Magic of a Rub Down

Typically, rub downs have been associated with the care of cattle and horses. Yet, you should realize that you must sanitize the surface of your smartphone, laptop keyboard, office desk, and even computers screens regularly. The best option to do so would be for you to order alcohol wipes in Singapore in bulk. Some years ago, a survey had thrown up the shocking result that the surface of any given smartphone has more germs than an average toilet seat. So, you can well understand the inherent risk of infection every time you use your smartphone. Instead, just give it a gentle rub down with an alcohol wipe at least once a day to keep infection at bay.

Keep Your Hands and Skin Safe from Irritation

It has been reported that people have suffered less skin irritation after regular use of alcohol wipes than after using antiseptic products like soaps containing chlorhexidine gluconate, or triclosan. If you opt for alcohol wipes with 75 percent medical grade alcohol, i.e., ethyl alcohol, then you will find that there has been a significant reduction in the colony count of bacteria on the surface that you are sanitizing or disinfecting. Every time you use an alcohol wipe you might get a cold feeling, or a burning or stinging sensation. However, should you experience any allergic reaction, stop using it, and contact your doctor or visit the nearest emergency room immediately.

Prevent Transmission of Pathogens

Keep in mind that it is never a question of just a few bacteria moving around invisibly. They tend to infest places in colonies. Therefore, you must regularly sanitize surfaces you come into contact with to prevent germs reaching your eyes, nose, or mouth. How often you must use alcohol wipes will depend on whether it is a table top, the screen of your smartphone, the keyboard of a laptop/computer, ora door handle.

Take Care of Yourself with Proper Hand Hygiene

The biggest boon emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic is the way people have come to recognize the value of personal hygiene, especially of hand hygiene. Normally, washing one’s hands thoroughly with soap and water should suffice. However, the experience of these two years has demonstrated that it is not practical to keep washing one’s hands with soap and water every time you touch some kind of surface. Under such circumstances, it makes better sense to use hand sanitizers.

Halt the Spread of Contagious Diseases

When ordering a customized hand sanitizer in Singapore, keep in mind that the CDC recommends the use of a hand sanitizer which has a minimum alcohol content of 60 percent to kill germs which lie on the skin. These exclude norovirus, Cryptosporidium, and Clostridioides difficile, apart from chemicals and heavy metals, which can only be killed or removed from the skin using soap and water. You should use the hand sanitizer correctly to get maximum benefit from it. This means that you must not wipe your hands before they dry as that would reduce its effectiveness in fighting germs. Apply the liquid to the palm of one hand. Then rub it all over both hands until the sanitizer dries.

Keep Hand Sanitizer Bottles Always Accessible

Whether you are at home or in office, a bottle of customized hand sanitizer should always be kept from where you can reach it easily. Otherwise, if you have to rummage through a drawer of your desk, or through your handbag when you need to sanitize your hands because you had touched a surface which might be contaminated; then the entire purpose will be defeated. You must use a sanitizer immediately after sneezing or coughing. This will help you to ward off the coronavirus infection.

Get the Quantity Which Suits You Best

It is not necessary for you to buy a 100 ml. bottle, if you are going to be the only one using the hand sanitizer, especially when you are on the road. Then, you might look at one of the 30 ml. travel hand sanitizer packs. If you are gifting the hand sanitizer, or ordering for your office colleagues, then get the company logo printed on the bottle of the customized hand sanitizer in Singapore. Just make sure that it contains at least 75% medical grade alcohol.

Caution: Do not use hand sanitizer after fishing, gardening, camping, or playing outdoors when your hands are likeliest to be dirty or greasy. You must wash your hands with lukewarm water, and soap for at least 20-30 seconds after such activities.

Capture the Essence of Your Business with the Right Gift

Being properly hydrated is critical in all seasons. Unfortunately, most people imagine that you need to drink plenty of water only in hot weather. They overlook the fact that in winter too there is a distinct dryness in the air which makes it necessary for everyone to drink plenty of water. From a dry throat to stiffness of the tongue to a dry, scratchy skin – you might suffer from all kinds of distresses if you get dehydrated. However, you may not have access to trustworthy water sources all the time. The simple solution would be to always keep a filled water bottle handy.

Safe to Use Bio-Degradable Wheat Water Bottles

Whether you purchase them for yourself, or to gift them to loved ones or valued clients, there is something special about water bottles made from wheat straw. Personalise water bottles to give them your distinctive imprint. They make superb gifts at festivals, industrial conventions, trade shows, and seminars, as they are both chic and useful. If you intend to use it in your office, school, or college, then you can choose the 500 ml wheat water bottle which has a nozzle. This saves you the trouble of hunting for a clean tumbler every time you need to take a sip (or several sips) of water.

Use Personalised Water Bottles in Singapore Anywhere

You should drink adequate water before you work out. Therefore, choose something like the 500 ml wheat gym bottle. They are sturdy, and will not come apart if they accidentally slip from your hands. They have the advantage of being stylish yet inexpensive, and environment-friendly. Since they are free of BPA and phthalates, you need not fear contamination of the water you store in the bottles. Also, should you choose to store some beverage, milk, or fruit juice instead of water, it will keep just as well in such water bottles.

Healthy Water, Healthy People

Delightful colors make personalised water bottles perfect gifts, especially if you intend to make them gate gifts at a corporate event. They send out the message that you care for the health of the recipient as much as you care for the sustainable use of materials. If your company operates in the hospitality or food and beverages sector, then these eco-friendly gifts capture the essence of your business. Printing your company’s name, logo, and if possible, some contact information on the cap or side of the bottle will go a long way in promoting your brand.

Promote Your Brand with Savvy Gifts

The festive season is also called the gifting season. This is the time when individuals, business organizations, companies which provide civic amenities, healthcare facilities, even government departments give presents to employees, business partners, vendors, and associates. For corporate offices, choosing the right gift, and packaging it to represent both the spirit of the occasion, and capture the essence of your business. It all depends on the industry vertical you operate in.

Convert Gifts into Media for Promotion

The big idea of sending out customized corporate gifts is to make them into mobile media for promoting your brand. Since the best gifts are which would be useful for people across age, gender, education, and profession, pick items which are appropriate for the occasion, fit your budget, and are representative of your industry vertical. For example, if you are in the beverage or cold drinks business, you could pick from a range of daily use drinks tumblers and cup sleeves to customize your gifts. These use food-grade 304 stainless steel with copper coating for multiple use tumblers which a family member can take to school, college, office, the sports field, or the gymnasium.

Keep Your Beverages Exactly How You Put Them In

If you choose a product like a copper coated tumbler which capitalizes on double-walled vacuum insulation technology to keep beverages hot or cold, then you can be certain of your customized corporate gifts being a huge hit. It will neither sweat, nor leak, making it perfect for use indoors and outside. Keep in mind that people have become more health conscious these days after the Covid-19 pandemic hit. The fact that these tumblers are BPA and phthalate free will reassure the recipients that you are concerned about their health. You can take your pick as to whether you want sturdy pieces, or whether the foldable tumbler design would suit your purpose better. By printing your company’s name and logo on the outside of the tumbler, which will ensure that every time someone uses the tumbler, your brand gets promoted.

Bag It!

Perhaps the one item which is as useful as it is popular is the ubiquitous bag. From handbags, jute bags, backpacks, and tote bags to drawstring bags, toiletries bag, and shoe bags, you have a jaw dropping range of options. They make brilliant gifts, especially customized corporate gifts since they will promote your brand regardless of whether they are in use, or are just lying around the house or office.

Wide Usability of Care Packs Makes Them Winners

Threatened by one of the worst pandemics in centuries, perhaps worse than the Spanish flu; the world is having to adjust to a new normal. The first world war killed more than 20 million people worldwide. The Spanish flu, which was one of the earliest manifestations of H1N1, spread over three years – 1918-1920 – to decimate the population of the world by almost one-third. Despite the greatest advances in medicine since then, the novel coronavirus, better known as COVID-19, has eluded identification of the source, causes, and treatment, though many informed guesses have been made. Most treatment regimens are experiential, meaning that outcomes can vary wildly in patients, especially those with co-morbidities.

Protect Yourself

Given that the COVID-19 infection spreads mostly through touching infected surfaces, and then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes, the best way to protect yourself from being infected is to wear a mask covering your mouth and nose. This ensures that the airborne droplets containing the novel coronavirus do not enter your nose or mouth. There are several kinds of masks available, ranging from the use and throw to reusable ones. The best ones are the KN95 masks which are not only reusable but permit easy breathing.

Get Your Gifts Delivered Anywhere

We deliver customised masks in Singapore. So, if you have been considering sending your business associates, clients, or colleagues gifts to demonstrate your solidarity in trying times; dispatching boxes of customised masks is a sound idea. Unless your recipients are in a high-risk area, you can send protective masks, rather than surgical ones. The difference is in the weave of the middle layer. In surgical masks, the middle layer has a tighter weave to keep even fine particles out. For those who are allergic to synthetic materials, you can always choose cotton masks lined with a filter.

It Isn’t Necessary to Splurge a Fortune to Demonstrate How Much You Care

If costs are a constraint for you, remember that the care packs we put together can be adjusted to your needs and budget. Choose how many disposable masks; whether you want to add a foldable mask holder or hard case mask holder; alcohol wet wipes; the size of the bottle of sanitizer – 60 ml or 50 ml; lozenges; even which health supplements you might want to add to the list. It is the thought, and not your budget, which counts. Moreover, every care pack has wide usability which makes it a winner every time.

Gift Hunting for the Festive Season, and Special Occasions

Make every gift you distribute speak of your caring for the recipients. The year 2020 will be remembered as the year when the entire civilized world came to a standstill, or close to it in varying degrees thanks to an unknown, but lethal virus. The overriding importance of hygiene, and its impact on personal and public health was underscored as never before. As countries begin to limp back to picking up the threads of social ties, trade, commerce, manufacturing, and politicking; there is a new normal which they must face and accept.

Switch to the New Normal When Choosing Gifts

The fear of infection when breathing the fresh air, and touching surfaces will combine with the growing understanding of the need to build immunity. One of the most apt gifts during the festive season, and on other occasions would be to choose a customized care package for those who are special for you — friends, family, loved ones, even colleagues, and clients. You get to choose what items will make up the care package. Certain things like sanitizer, masks, alcohol wet wipes to clean surfaces you can’t wash such as your smartphone, hard case holders for masks, and a sanitized clear pouch to hold it all will be common to all care packages.

Add Items to the List in Accordance with Your Budget

There are so many variations you can bring to your customized care packages. Health supplements tablets like Vitamin C, Omega3, Vitamin B, calcium, Vitamin D, fish oil, chia seeds, antioxidants; lozenges; muscle pain patches; and a tote bag to carry it all are some of your options. You could add a collapsible silicon lunch box, cutlery, sports water bottle, and a microfiber towel depending on your budget, and for whom you are ordering the care package. Many of these items can be printed with your organization’s logo and/or name.

An Awesome Range of Customized Masks are Available

Even when the worst of the pandemic is over, people will still need to wear masks for quite a while to prevent fresh waves of the disease. Sourcing customized masks in Singapore isn’t such a challenge. Decide on the kind you want — single use, reusable, 3-ply protective mask, or surgical mask. Some suppliers will ship your mask packages to almost anywhere in the world. If you want to gift a mask to every attendee of some corporate event or college fest, then you would do well to remember that boxes full of 100 masks are available.

Gifts Are a Golden Opportunity to Promote Your Business

The coronavirus pandemic has underscored the value of hygiene, and how it is closely linked to health. Under such circumstances, it is wiser to gift items which promote both. Therefore, when you gift care packages, you demonstrate how much you care for the recipients. These very gifts serve to promote your business without your target audience finding it irksome. You can choose whether you want the name and logo of your company printed on the canvas tote bag in which you send it, or on individual items like masks, packet of alcohol wipes, and/or the bottles of hand sanitizers.

Several Categories of Care Packages to Make It Easier for You to Choose

The limitations being imposed on public gatherings have resulted in companies hosting few events these days. So, there are no trade fairs, or other corporate events like product launches which a few hundred people would attend. Now, workshops and seminars are few and far between. When an opportunity presents itself for giving your clients, colleagues, and vendors gifts, care packages in Singapore will be deeply appreciated. Nobody can have too many masks, alcohol wipes, or sanitizers. You also need to build your immunity in these challenging times. So, if you add items like vitamin C chewable tablets, muscle relief patches, or cough lozenges to your care packages in Singapore, then you will be demonstrating your concern for the people around you.

Prevent the Spread of Infection

Unfortunately, even after almost two years, the medical community has little idea of how the infection spreads from one person to another. So, let us hold on to the good habits which were acquired in 2020, namely, good personal hygiene and sanitization. Not just the coronavirus, but several other diseases are contagious. Therefore, hand sanitizers are extremely useful for preventing the spread of infections. Gift a bottle or more of customised hand sanitiser in Singapore as part of your corporate gift hampers.

Suit Your Company’s Needs and Budget

Corporate gifts can be pricey, or affordable according to the occasion, and your company’s budget. After all, if you are celebrating a major corporate milestone, obviously it would be necessary to loosen your purse strings. The advantage of customised hand sanitisers in Singapore is that you have several quantities, and designs to choose from. If you are giving out these hand sanitizers as door gifts at an event, your guests will remember the event for a long time because of the appropriateness of the gift. You can ensure that the colours of the bottles represent your company colours.