Gift Hunting for the Festive Season, and Special Occasions

Make every gift you distribute speak of your caring for the recipients. The year 2020 will be remembered as the year when the entire civilized world came to a standstill, or close to it in varying degrees thanks to an unknown, but lethal virus. The overriding importance of hygiene, and its impact on personal and public health was underscored as never before. As countries begin to limp back to picking up the threads of social ties, trade, commerce, manufacturing, and politicking; there is a new normal which they must face and accept.

Switch to the New Normal When Choosing Gifts

The fear of infection when breathing the fresh air, and touching surfaces will combine with the growing understanding of the need to build immunity. One of the most apt gifts during the festive season, and on other occasions would be to choose a customized care package for those who are special for you — friends, family, loved ones, even colleagues, and clients. You get to choose what items will make up the care package. Certain things like sanitizer, masks, alcohol wet wipes to clean surfaces you can’t wash such as your smartphone, hard case holders for masks, and a sanitized clear pouch to hold it all will be common to all care packages.

Add Items to the List in Accordance with Your Budget

There are so many variations you can bring to your customized care packages. Health supplements tablets like Vitamin C, Omega3, Vitamin B, calcium, Vitamin D, fish oil, chia seeds, antioxidants; lozenges; muscle pain patches; and a tote bag to carry it all are some of your options. You could add a collapsible silicon lunch box, cutlery, sports water bottle, and a microfiber towel depending on your budget, and for whom you are ordering the care package. Many of these items can be printed with your organization’s logo and/or name.

An Awesome Range of Customized Masks are Available

Even when the worst of the pandemic is over, people will still need to wear masks for quite a while to prevent fresh waves of the disease. Sourcing customized masks in Singapore isn’t such a challenge. Decide on the kind you want — single use, reusable, 3-ply protective mask, or surgical mask. Some suppliers will ship your mask packages to almost anywhere in the world. If you want to gift a mask to every attendee of some corporate event or college fest, then you would do well to remember that boxes full of 100 masks are available.