Your Gifts Say a Great Deal About You

Every company distributes gifts for diverse reasons. Company milestones, festive season, the launch of new products or product line, corporate events – the reasons for giving people door gifts, or other gifts can be numerous. However, you should be cautious about the selection of gifts which bear the imprint of your company.

Match Your Choice with Your Industry Vertical

Every individual who is, or has been, responsible for choosing corporate gifts in Singapore knows just how challenging it can be to pick the right kind. Consider what would happen if a beverage company gifts leather belts to the participants of a seminar or workshop it has organized to introduce a new line of health drinks. As a gift it is not only inappropriate for the recipient, but also runs counter to the industry profile of your company. Instead, if you choose coasters made of felt or wooden ones, it is a subtle way of saying that your company cares for the environment as well as for the drinker of the brand being promoted.

Make Gifts Product Appropriate

Coasters say a great deal about the person who uses them, of how that person is finicky about there being no stains on desk or table tops where the cup or tumbler bearing the beverage is placed. Another great corporate gifts in Singapore would be the double walled glass cup with lid. It does not matter whether your company is in the beverage manufacturing or bottling business. The recipient might be working in office, or is frequently on the road, or even working from home. Most people need to drink some tea, coffee, health drink, or juice while working. Pouring it into a 350mL Jolly ceramic mug with wood handle, or a double walled glass cup with lid of varying quantities will remind them of your brand every time they drink from it.

Give Something That Is Handy

These days one of the most used items is the tissue – for wiping one’s face, for wiping surfaces which someone else may have touched, even for picking up objects lying on a table. Therefore, distributing leather tissue boxes as corporate gifts in Singapore is both practical and sensible. Since they come in different colors, you can always pick the design which matches the corporate colors, and get the name of your company, or the brand you want to promote printed on the side of the boxes. You might even insert a set of alcohol wipes inside each box for better impact.