Get Preventive COVID Care Packs for Office Gifts

The world has to learn to live with COVID-19 much the same way it lives with tuberculosis, AIDS, cancer, and cardiac diseases. COVID-19 is more troublesome as even the medical community knows precious little about it. Everybody understands that it is a highly infectious disease, the latest Delta variant is highly infectious and deadly. Your best bet is to be proactive about preventing the spread of the infection.

Specially Customise Your Care Packages 

One way you can prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to order your own COVID care packs in Singapore. Whether you order such packages for your personal use, for your loved ones, or your colleagues at the workplace; it will be your personal statement of how much you care. Even though we have created several categories of care packages to make it easier for you to choose; you can always create packages keeping in view your special needs and circumstances. Typically, we offer the following items in a basic care pack – two face masks, one 50ml hand sanitiser bottle, one foldable mask holder, one adjustable face mask clipper, one set of alcohol wet wipes containing 10 sheets, and a clear storage pouch.

Add Some Immunity Builders

You can add some immunity builders like Vitamin D, fish oil, chia seeds, antioxidants, and health supplements tablets like Omega3, Vitamin B, Calcium to COVID care packs as part of office gifts. There are few better ways to demonstrate how much you care than by gifting your personnel the employee care pack. With offices opening up, and employees gradually coming back to work in office, instead of working from home as they had been doing for the last few months; your responsibilities will increase exponentially. You must ensure that your office or commercial establishment doesn’t become a super spreader of the novel corona virus.

Give It That Personal Touch You can put your gift care pack in a customised canvas tote bag stamped with your organization’s logo, especially if the set is being given as a corporate gift to customers, or clients, or to suppliers and agents. Certain items such as face shield, reusable mask, alcohol wipes, hand sanitiser, and mask protector can be customised where there is a minimum order for 300 packs. So, what are waiting for? Just give us a call at +65 8304-7575, or drop us a line at :