Suitable for Kids and Adults Alike

The best gifts are those which are useful, and are suitable for just about everyone regardless of their age, gender, or profession. There are more such products than people tend to realize. Think power banks, adapters, earphones, pens, water bottles, and drawstring bags. A home maker, a student, a marketing professional, and a show biz celebrity would find any of these handy.

Add a Touch of Brilliance to Your Everyday Tumbler

It is better that a person slakes his/her thirst by drinking water, or any other beverage from a tumbler, rather than straight from the bottle. You are no longer limited to glass or stainless steel tumblers. Offer your customers, vendors, and team a customised tumbler in Singapore when you need to distribute gifts to mark a milestone. If your recipients need to travel frequently, or need to commute long distances daily, then gifting a reusable BPA free drinks tumbler to store drinks – both hot and cold beverages – would be a thoughtful gesture.

A Daily Reminder of Your Brand

The best portable tumblers are lightweight, robust, and sturdily designed to prevent spillage. These are usually made from food grade stainless steel, and are phthalate and BPA free. The double walled stainless steel tumbler keeps your drink insulated from the outside temperature. Since this is an item of daily use, gifting a customised tumbler in Singapore serves as a daily reminder of your brand. These come in a variety of designs and materials depending on end use, such as use in office, during sports activities, or when traveling.

In Sun or Rain, the Customised Umbrella from Singapore is Always Handy

The one thing which keeps you safe and well in sunshine or rain is the humble umbrella. Whether you buy one for yourself, or gift one to someone, it is always money well spent. Moreover, you can get umbrellas in a variety of colours ranging from red, blue, orange, green, and black. Unlike most other items, a customised umbrella in Singapore reminds not only the user, but also others every time it is used. It reinforces your brand recognition when the logo of your company, and its name is displayed on the umbrella. Be it a normal J-hook umbrella, commonly favoured by older men, a silk parasol with a metal shaft and rubberised handle, a 21 inch pencil foldable umbrella, or a garden umbrella used in outdoor cafes; the outer surface offers a broad canvas for flaunting your brand.