9 Unique (and Awesome) Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Clients or Boss

Regardless of the industry you’re in, staying on top with your clients in a positive way is really important. You would want to express how you appreciate your clients and/or bosses in a genuine thoughtful way. Remember that in every business – be it small or big – it’s essential that you learn how to give back. One the best ways to achieve that is through the act of giving, say, premium gifts Singapore.

You have to keep in mind, however, that it requires thoughtfulness in order to find the perfect present. Why? That’s because if he or she has to receive something from you, it should be something that is well-liked.

Here are some unique gift ideas that won’t break your wallet (or bank), but will definitely put a smile in your boss or client’s face.

Collapsible Vase

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Source: Ali Express

Nowadays, it’s a known trend that lots of people get sent flowers; however, almost not everyone has a vase to put them in, especially at their desks. These collapsible plastic vases can really come handy, as they can be folded up and stored away until your clients need them. In fact, they come in more than a dozen cool designs, patterns and colors – all which are desirable.


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Source: Healthy Pet Check Up

Who wouldn’t love owning a pet dog or cat, right? Well, if you have a client who consistently sends photos of her dogs to the team or during meeting, then this gift idea will surely work. Just get that nicest dog or cat in town and give it to him or her with love. If your boss already has a pet to look after, you can always send something like dog treats and pet toys, among others.

A Lego Brick USB


Source: Instructables

What’s better than to receive a present that is both whimsical and useful? That’s a Lego Brick USB, a thing that could be a great addition to any keychain. Nonetheless, most importantly, it can help your boss store and/or back-up important files. Remember that Lego Brick USBs come in various sizes, memory capacity and colors, so choose the one that you think will suit.

Personalised Bottle Opener

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Source: Noton the Highest Street

If you want to send your clients a kind of gift that has more personal into it, then a personalized bottle opener is the way to go. This handmade, customizable bottle opener should do the trick. Apart from that, your clients will think of you every time they enjoy a drink. Now, isn’t that one of the nicest things you want to happen?

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One-Handed Tablet Handle

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Source: The Grommet

Obviously, tablets are becoming a necessity more than a luxury. This is most especially if you have tech-savvy clients. This nonskid silicone mini-tablet handle makes it easier for users to grasp onto e-readers and tablets using one hand. Having such ensures a more comfortable grip, thus preventing devices from dropping and shattering. This surely is a gift with love.

5-in-1 Pen and Stylus

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Source: Alibaba

Sure, it may look like any ordinary pen, but it can do miracles. It does so much more than helping your clients jot down notes or taking pointers during business meetings. The 5-in-1 pen can also be used as a stylus for both tablets and smartphones. It comes with a red laser pointer, a bright-white LED light, and a UV light.

Handstand Phone Stand

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Source: Mixed Bag Designs

Propping up your client or boss’ phone can always be a fun way to let them know how you appreciate them. Besides, this smartphone stand is a steal, as you can get one at an affordable price. This is simply one of the best premium gifts in Singapore that you can give.

Chocolate Gift Set

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Source:  Jade Chocolates

If you’re in doubt or not sure what gift you’ll give, food is and will always be appreciated. In fact, you can lighten it all up and go fancy with a gourmet chocolate set. Remember, everyone loves chocolate and no one in his right mind will take such sweetness for granted. Your clients will surely indulge in delight.

Electronic Travel Mug

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Source: Think Geek

Regardless of the season or weather, a business man would always love to have a coffee at his side. Give this electronic travel mug to your boss to help him stay warm and ready especially when on travels. Oh, by the way, this device comes with a USP port, so the recipient can keep his coffee (or other beverages) hot while on the go.

Well, there you have it. Hope these unique gift ideas can give you lift. Of course, there are various presents to discover, but the aforementioned should somehow do the work.

9 Steal-Worthy Ideas for Your Next Door Gift

The trouble always with gifting is that the number of concerns are too many – from “will the recipient appreciate it” to will he/she ever value it as something useful?” These are just some of the questions you need to find answers to when it comes to door gifts. Well, fret not – your presents don’t have to be boring or useless. In fact, it’s even possible to work with something within your budget, say, you shop unique gifts Singapore.

Remember, though, that in selecting the perfect door gift, you shouldn’t go wrong with being consistent to functionality. If it is something that makes your guest go jump in joy and say “Ah, I’ll surely have a use for this,” the chances of getting him to thank you is high.

Here are 9 useful door gift ideas for you.

Thumb Drive

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Source: Lindsay Brothers

First and foremost, a thumb drive is a must-have at any industry; hence this kind of gift in the practical scale that would probably score 10 out of 10. This is most especially if you’ve a big budget to spend on, as you can always opt for better items. If you want this gift idea to work accordingly, you need not to go further than giving a thumb drive that has more than 1GB of memory space. For sure, nobody would say no to extra space.

Travel Adaptor

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Source: Mobile Fun

This is usually one of the last things that are remembered to be packed into the luggage. Basically, a universal travel adaptor makes a well-thought door gift that your guests will be able to use on both leisure and business trips. It’s a handy thing to have especially for travel enthusiasts.

Business Card Case

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Source: Carbon Fiber Gear

Without doubt, business card cases are one of the more underrated gift ideas in the market. Yes, you heard that right. Case in point: Have you ever been in a kind of situation where somebody reaches into his pockets and open his wallet in front of you and still can’t find that one last (elusive) business card? Most certainly, yes. If you want to save your boss or client from that sort of embarrassment, better give this as a present.

Wine Opener and/or Bottle Stopper

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Source: Great Bartender

Among all gift ideas, household items always make lovely presents that can be shared among your recipient’s family. There are some, however, who may argue that homeware as gifts may look cheap in one way or another. Well, if that’s the case, it’s best if you go for a sleek wine opener or bottle stopper. This item can come really handy for special occasions or simple celebrations at home.


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Source: Coasters For Less

This is one of the unique gifts in Singapore that you can get at a very low cost and, most importantly, it doesn’t make any less functional. Why? Because it seems that even through countless droplets of condensation on the keyboard, people still do not realize what they really need on their desk, and coaster is just one.

Luggage Tag

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Source: ACSA

Working with a tight budget does not mean you can’t get your guests door gifts equally delightful. But, if you do, the most recommendable one is a luggage tag, as it looks nice or and has a unique design. It is something that could very well be raved-about. Apart from that, it is also fuss free and certainly more usable than, well, pen.

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Letter Opener

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Source: Home Wet Bar

You’d really be surprised that even up to now, most people still can’t get it right when it comes to opening envelopes cleanly. This is where a letter opener will come in handy. Even for majority of individuals who have mastered the science of opening letters, this gift idea is still one of those amazing tools you never knew you wanted.

Handbag Hook or Money Clip

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Source: Ali Express

If you’re going for a door gift, something that your recipient can use on-the-go, wherever he/she is, then go for a money clip or handbag hook – the former for the every gentleman’s wallets while the latter for a lady’s satchels. Besides, having a gift for each gender is the most thoughtful and personalized gesture that your recipients will hugely appreciate.

Novelty Items

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Source: Whole Sale Clearance

If you have come to a point that exhausted all your ideas or that you have a big budget to splurge but can’t find anything that is unique and creative, novelty items are your best bet. The possibilities to this category are endless and they don’t have to cost a lot. Think cutesy key rings, cutlery sets, or even kitschy door signs. You may even want to issue these gifts randomly, so that your guests can perform their own barter trade. For sure, that’s bound to be loads of fun.

Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Small Business Owners

Yes, holidays have long gone-by, but it doesn’t mean that your gift-giving spree must end. When you’re shopping for a small business owner, it’s best to think of a present that can help in his/her everyday battle. Remember, just like you, he/she also goes to various ups and downs. Hence anything that can offer an edge, such as personalised gifts Singapore, can really be fantastic.

If you want to show appreciation to your boss, take a look at these awesome gifts. Besides, you don’t really have to empty your wallet to give a good one.


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Image Source: Tech News Central


Tablets – regardless of size – are always in demand for young entrepreneurs nowadays. With their cluttered and on-the-go schedules, this device can help them stay connected and productive all day long. Remember, though, that tablets differ from features, purposes and sets; hence look for the one that is apt.

Air Card

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Image Source: Tech News Central


Although some would say it’s not really that important, air cards are still one of the best gifts you can ever give. Not only they work great, but they’re something that every bootstrapping entrepreneur would want to invest in. Besides, you would want to give something that can give them a huge lift.

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Image Source: WindStream

Well, it’s definitely a no-brainer but there are still plethora of people sitting on a desktop. Remember that for entrepreneurs, laptops play a huge role in their business life, as they’re always on the hunt for flexibility. They don’t want to be stuck in room all day with nothing but their PCs. They’d love to work on a coffee shop or even in the beach. So, yeah, go get your boss a laptop. Now!


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Image Source: Konfrazzzled

This is certainly one of the best personalised gifts in Singapore that you can ever give. Business owners run and breathe coffee. Think about the late nights and early morning shifts they have to endure. Coffee are their “start-up boosters.” You can go for an assortment of special coffee, or a simple espresso from that café shop near your town. And oh, by the way, a coffee maker can also be a great idea!

Business Cards

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Image Source: Business Journal

Needless to say, business cards are a thing now for every business owner. Nonetheless, a really cool gift is hooking up your boss with someone who can help design a really professional business card – something that will make him/her standout from the rest. Go and look for that perfect business card designer now!

White Board

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Image Source: Attitudes 4 Innovation

Not only white boards are great addition to an office, but it can also work miracles for brainstorming ideas and building the next million dollar company. Look for a good and fun option to buy your white board gift, one that is of quality and cost effective. Even 4′ x 8′ piece of white board can already be an awesome gift to give.

Vacation Trips

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Image Source: Pinterest

Although just about anyone in the world would love this, an entrepreneur who is strapped for cash and finds it tough to even make it out of his/her office will appreciate it even more. Give him/her a weekend trip at a ski resort or a beach. You can always make it simple; however, make sure you demand that he/she puts work aside for a couple days to relax and have some fun.


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Image Source: Why To Read

There’s no doubt that any small business owner would appreciate a good book. You can always check out some online sellers or the nearest shops that offers entrepreneurial books. This kind of gift will surely admired, as your boss is always looking for the best ideas out there.

A Business Mentor or Life Coach

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Image Source: Quantum Values

Why don’t you take that set of contacts and find somebody who has the experienced in the field of business or life coaching. Find someone who is willing to mentor your entrepreneur in all key aspects of life and business. You can even come to an agreement of whether they’ll conduct scheduled phone calls or meetups, so as to go over with business numbers and plans. A simple meeting with someone who has done it in the past can definitely go a long way for providing a new business tycoon the confidence and ideas.

Smart Phone


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Image Source: First Post

If you know that your boss has yet to upgrade on either the Android or the iOS platform, then you certainly need to do it. Remember that in this mobile-connected world, a business that is outdated when it comes to technology is falling behind every competitor. In fact, giving a smart phone is a better idea if that person is yet to own a laptop.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

Since time immemorial, green gifts have always been known being unique and clever. Above all, they help reduce carbon footprint. Due to being costly and difficult to find, however, they usually get a bad rap – let alone if recipients will love green corporate gift ideas.

Well, contrary to popular belief, these kind of gifts are actually great and dismiss the negative thoughts about the costs. Of course, with the right advice, you can really save lots of money while saving planet Earth.

Flip Flop Doormats

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Image Source: 7 Hopes United


When talking about products made from recycled materials, Flip Flop Doormats are the best way to go. It’s basically a doormat made of, well, re-purposed flip-flops. Not only are you being responsible, but you’re making (or giving) a really cool gift. It is quite useful for wiping dust and/or draining water. Apart from these, you have various options of texture and color. If you’re looking for a unique gift for your next corporate event, this could be your best option.

Drying Rack

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Image Source: Container Store

Are you trying to get rid of your dryer appliance? Well, this could one of the best ideas for corporate gift. Not only will you save boatloads of money on your electric bill, but you can also significantly help the environment. If you know that that person wants to reduce the hassle of hanging clothes, then a Drying rack could be the best solution.

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Soap Nuts

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Image Source: Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company


Soap Nuts are guaranteed 100% biodegradable and can work miracles when cleaning clothes. Apart from that, you can get about twice as many loads for the same price as laundry detergent; hence they’re not just valuable green gifts, they’re budget-friendly, too.

Potted Herbs

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Image Source: Arizona Pottery


There’s no doubt that a lot of people appreciate receiving plants as a gift. If you’re planning to do the same thing, you can take the whole idea a step further than usual. You can go for Rosemary bushes, something that can grow large and make a useful housewarming gift compared to traditional ones. Moreover, they smell great whenever you brush them.

An Ecosystem Globe

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Image Source: Pinterest


The idea is to place a whole ecosystem in a glass globe – one that is totally self-contained. Such thing was first made by NASA, but has hugely influenced the mainstream market. This is without doubt the coolest gift you can ever give. It can last up to two years, thus you can say it’s a green gift that can last.

Vermicomposting Bin

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Image Source: My People PC


This is really great especially for someone who’s an outspoken advocate when it comes to going green. Vermicomposting Bin is designed for composting leftovers using worms. It may sound gross, but, hey, it’s a useful thing to have. When you throw food in the trash, it just gets hauled to the landfill like any other garbage would do. Remember that 20% of garbage is food, and when it decomposes, it releases methane – a harmful gas that has played a huge role in global warming.

Fabric Shopping Bags

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Image Source: Etsy


Nowadays, there are numerous chic reusable bags out in the market, and all of them make nice presents than the ordinary cheapies. You can make a one that folds into its own pocket. It’s apt for tucking in your coat pocket or purse, so you’ll always have one for those unexpected store stops. This is great for people who don’t want to own larger shopping bag stash.


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Image Source: Art Fire

Bandanas have always been useful in many ways, and a set can already serve as a casual dinner napkins your recipient. Also, they’re a bit more budget-friendly than expensive cloth napkins. They’re far more earth-friendly than the disposable ones and are a great “zero-waste” strategy.

Furthermore, bandanas can come very handy for travel enthusiasts. One can use them as dish cloths while on the road, or face masks for open-air travels on dusty roads. Heck you can utilize them as washcloths for showers and reusable wraps for foods such as fruits and muffins. Above all, they’re quite handy for various minor medical emergencies.

Organic Wine

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Image Source: Lehigh Valley Marketplace

Ah, who in Earth doesn’t love wine? If you’re looking for a gift that’s quick to find, organic wine is as about as simple as you can get. You can find one in various Organic Stores, all of which offers up to 10% discount if you buy more bottles. Not just that, as they usually offer a free organic fabric wine shopping bag. Organic wine is indeed an affordable gift you can give, and there are plenty of ways to you can do to save money when buying.