9 Unique (and Awesome) Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Clients or Boss

Regardless of the industry you’re in, staying on top with your clients in a positive way is really important. You would want to express how you appreciate your clients and/or bosses in a genuine thoughtful way. Remember that in every business – be it small or big – it’s essential that you learn how to give back. One the best ways to achieve that is through the act of giving, say, premium gifts Singapore.

You have to keep in mind, however, that it requires thoughtfulness in order to find the perfect present. Why? That’s because if he or she has to receive something from you, it should be something that is well-liked.

Here are some unique gift ideas that won’t break your wallet (or bank), but will definitely put a smile in your boss or client’s face.

Collapsible Vase

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Source: Ali Express

Nowadays, it’s a known trend that lots of people get sent flowers; however, almost not everyone has a vase to put them in, especially at their desks. These collapsible plastic vases can really come handy, as they can be folded up and stored away until your clients need them. In fact, they come in more than a dozen cool designs, patterns and colors – all which are desirable.


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Source: Healthy Pet Check Up

Who wouldn’t love owning a pet dog or cat, right? Well, if you have a client who consistently sends photos of her dogs to the team or during meeting, then this gift idea will surely work. Just get that nicest dog or cat in town and give it to him or her with love. If your boss already has a pet to look after, you can always send something like dog treats and pet toys, among others.

A Lego Brick USB


Source: Instructables

What’s better than to receive a present that is both whimsical and useful? That’s a Lego Brick USB, a thing that could be a great addition to any keychain. Nonetheless, most importantly, it can help your boss store and/or back-up important files. Remember that Lego Brick USBs come in various sizes, memory capacity and colors, so choose the one that you think will suit.

Personalised Bottle Opener

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Source: Noton the Highest Street

If you want to send your clients a kind of gift that has more personal into it, then a personalized bottle opener is the way to go. This handmade, customizable bottle opener should do the trick. Apart from that, your clients will think of you every time they enjoy a drink. Now, isn’t that one of the nicest things you want to happen?

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One-Handed Tablet Handle

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Source: The Grommet

Obviously, tablets are becoming a necessity more than a luxury. This is most especially if you have tech-savvy clients. This nonskid silicone mini-tablet handle makes it easier for users to grasp onto e-readers and tablets using one hand. Having such ensures a more comfortable grip, thus preventing devices from dropping and shattering. This surely is a gift with love.

5-in-1 Pen and Stylus

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Source: Alibaba

Sure, it may look like any ordinary pen, but it can do miracles. It does so much more than helping your clients jot down notes or taking pointers during business meetings. The 5-in-1 pen can also be used as a stylus for both tablets and smartphones. It comes with a red laser pointer, a bright-white LED light, and a UV light.

Handstand Phone Stand

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Source: Mixed Bag Designs

Propping up your client or boss’ phone can always be a fun way to let them know how you appreciate them. Besides, this smartphone stand is a steal, as you can get one at an affordable price. This is simply one of the best premium gifts in Singapore that you can give.

Chocolate Gift Set

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Source:  Jade Chocolates

If you’re in doubt or not sure what gift you’ll give, food is and will always be appreciated. In fact, you can lighten it all up and go fancy with a gourmet chocolate set. Remember, everyone loves chocolate and no one in his right mind will take such sweetness for granted. Your clients will surely indulge in delight.

Electronic Travel Mug

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Source: Think Geek

Regardless of the season or weather, a business man would always love to have a coffee at his side. Give this electronic travel mug to your boss to help him stay warm and ready especially when on travels. Oh, by the way, this device comes with a USP port, so the recipient can keep his coffee (or other beverages) hot while on the go.

Well, there you have it. Hope these unique gift ideas can give you lift. Of course, there are various presents to discover, but the aforementioned should somehow do the work.