Be Cautious in Your Selection of Gifts

Gifting anything on any occasion is serious business, whether you do it at a personal level or an organizational one. For the best choices keep three aspects in mind — your budget, the intended recipient, and the occasion. It will ensure that you not only choose the most appropriate gifts but also that the recipients love them. For organizations of all sizes and verticals, gifts are a golden opportunity to promote their business while establishing a bond with their clients, especially when they are customized.

Reach the Widest Possible Audience with a Customized Gift Box

Stop banging your head as to what you should gift visitors to the trade fair you intend to participate in, or the convention at which your company is launching a new product. Some people take a shortcut and go for a hamper of goodies that will appeal to people of all age groups. Preparing a customized gift box requires time and effort to choose what items would have an across-the-board appeal and utility. Take a jute tote bag, and put in some stationery items like a small notepad which has a clasp for a pen, a pencil with an eraser tip, and maybe a dozen labels to stick on books. Customize the tote bag to underscore that your organization follows environment-friendly practices. Alternatively, you could stuff it with a confectionery of different shapes and sizes.

Other combinations you might consider: Depending on the industry vertical you represent, you might consider putting in a multi-layered file folder with color pencils, lanyards, and stickers – all stamped with your company’s brand and/or logo. If your company is in the food processing industry, then you might consider putting in a lunch box, foldable glass, magnets for refrigerators, bottle openers, or coasters into the gift box.

Gift Boxes Offer Continued Visibility and Credibility

You don’t want your gifts to end up in the trash can almost as soon as someone receives them. To catch the attention of the recipients, get your customized gift boxes in Singapore. If you are ordering sufficiently well in advance, and a larger quantity; then you stand to get a preferential rate. Just choose the colors, share the design of your logo, and the items you desire to have customized. Seasonal festivities, corporate events, or celebration of personal milestones; you want the customized gift boxes in Singapore to offer continuous visibility to your brand for a long time afterward.

Let Your Care Packages Arouse Curiosity

The idea of gifting care packages is still a new concept. Therefore, you stand to arouse curiosity not only among the recipients, but also their friends, neighbors, and other loved ones over why you chose to gift care packs instead of the more usual items when someone reaches a personal or professional milestone, and during the festive season. It is always a sensible idea to move with the times. The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined how a tiny virus can bring countries to a standstill, and hold entire populations to ransom. The takeaway of the experience of the first half of 2020 has been that you can’t take health and hygiene lightly any longer.

Keep the Novel Coronavirus Out of Your Homes and Offices

The two commonest things every person does all the time is to breathe to stay alive and touch various surfaces ranging from phone screens, keyboards of computers and laptops, doorknobs, handrails, taps, to tabletops, and fridge door handles. The real risk of infection arises when one touches one’s mouth, face, eyes, or nose after touching a contaminated surface. Since the WHO has declared that the COVID-19 can spread through the air, we breathe if a carrier has sneezed, coughed, or even spoken very loudly; it has become critical that we wear masks when we step outside the home, or when someone comes in from outside. This is why we include sanitizers, face shields, and diverse kinds of masks in every care package we design in Singapore.

The Importance of Preventive Care Cannot Be Overemphasized

Since it isn’t practical to be washing your hands all the time, you should look at options of using a hand sanitizer whenever somebody enters your home or office. Different surfaces should be periodically rubbed down using a sanitizer or a disinfectant. You can gift a cotton pro face mask with a PM2.5 filter, or a disposable mask to visitors if they aren’t wearing one. Pick and choose what you want in any given care package with an eye to your budget, and needs. You can get a customised care package filled with healthy snacking options, especially for occasions where you would have typically gifted a hamper of edibles and other goodies. Your options include a 40g pack of Camel almond or pistachios nuts; Hand brand broad beans, cashews, or pistachio nuts; Kinder Bueno T2 Chocolate; Ferrero Rocher T3; Loacker Wafer Chocolate; Meiji Hello Panda; Nestle Milo Snack Bar; Fishermen’s Friend Lozenges; Nin Jom lozenges; Meiji plain crackers; and Oreo wafer roll among others.

Environmental Gift Set for IHH Healthcare

Unique Features of Project for IHH Healthcare:

  • Full colour logo digital printing on Minimo thermal bag
  • Full customisation on greeting card luggage tag
  • Full customisation for silicone lunchbox and silicone tumbler to IHH Healthcare’s specific pantone code
  • Complimentary packing services of 3 items into thermal bag before delivery
  • Delivery to 27 hospitals, laboratories, and companies under IHH Healthcare Group
  • Express 20 days delivery for any quantity after artwork confirmation

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Wellness Care Package for DBS

Unique Features of Project for DBS:

  • Premium gifts for DBS staff in brands berry essence, 500mL premium NZ honey, Nutrione nuts & berry mix
  • Environmental friendly reusable gifts like 500mL vacuum flask (in premium colours) and A4 canvas tote bag
  • Packaged in professional gift box packaging with individual home delivery
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity after artwork confirmation

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Customised Gift Set for MINDEF

Unique Features of Project for MINDEF:

  • 1C logo silkscreen printing A3 non-woven bag
  • Full colour digital printing on Minimo USB humidifier
  • Full customised A6 greeting card and memory foam travel pillow
  • Individual home courier delivery with courier delivery report
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity after artwork confirmation

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Nutrition Care Pack for Mendaki

Unique Features of Project for Mendaki:

  • Nutritious care pack for Mendaki’s outreach programme
  • Premium nutritious food such as honey sticks, instant oats, and Springdale raisins
  • Customised box sticker and individual home delivery service
  • Packaged in professional gift box packaging
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity after artwork confirmation

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Austin Sling Bag for ICA

Unique Features of Project for ICA:

  • 2C logo digital printing on Austin everyday sling bag
  • Individual zip-lock packaging for every Austin sling bag
  • Available in four colours – grey, green, red, black
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity after artwork confirmation

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Denver Laptop Bag for SPF

Unique Features of Project for SPF:

  • 1C logo silkscreen printing on Denver laptop bag with 2 compartments
  • Individual zip-lock packaging for laptop bag
  • Waterproof exterior with extra padded interior for extra protection
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity after artwork confirmation

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Silicone Lunchbox for Sunflower Group

Unique Features of Project for Sunflower Group:

  • 1C logo silkscreen printing on 800mL silicone lunchbox cover
  • Individual OPP packaging for every lunchbox
  • Can be customised to your pantone colour with MOQ
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity after artwork confirmation

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Premium Portable Juicer for LPS

Unique Features of Project for Lianhua Primary School:

  • 1C logo silkscreen printing on Premium portable juicer
  • 304 stainless steel and food grade materials for portable juicer
  • Individual box packaging for every portable juicer
  • Available in two colours – pastel pink and pastel green
  • Express 10 days delivery for any quantity after artwork confirmation

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