Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for Small Business Owners

Yes, holidays have long gone-by, but it doesn’t mean that your gift-giving spree must end. When you’re shopping for a small business owner, it’s best to think of a present that can help in his/her everyday battle. Remember, just like you, he/she also goes to various ups and downs. Hence anything that can offer an edge, such as personalised gifts Singapore, can really be fantastic.

If you want to show appreciation to your boss, take a look at these awesome gifts. Besides, you don’t really have to empty your wallet to give a good one.


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Tablets – regardless of size – are always in demand for young entrepreneurs nowadays. With their cluttered and on-the-go schedules, this device can help them stay connected and productive all day long. Remember, though, that tablets differ from features, purposes and sets; hence look for the one that is apt.

Air Card

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Although some would say it’s not really that important, air cards are still one of the best gifts you can ever give. Not only they work great, but they’re something that every bootstrapping entrepreneur would want to invest in. Besides, you would want to give something that can give them a huge lift.

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Well, it’s definitely a no-brainer but there are still plethora of people sitting on a desktop. Remember that for entrepreneurs, laptops play a huge role in their business life, as they’re always on the hunt for flexibility. They don’t want to be stuck in room all day with nothing but their PCs. They’d love to work on a coffee shop or even in the beach. So, yeah, go get your boss a laptop. Now!


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This is certainly one of the best personalised gifts in Singapore that you can ever give. Business owners run and breathe coffee. Think about the late nights and early morning shifts they have to endure. Coffee are their “start-up boosters.” You can go for an assortment of special coffee, or a simple espresso from that café shop near your town. And oh, by the way, a coffee maker can also be a great idea!

Business Cards

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Needless to say, business cards are a thing now for every business owner. Nonetheless, a really cool gift is hooking up your boss with someone who can help design a really professional business card – something that will make him/her standout from the rest. Go and look for that perfect business card designer now!

White Board

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Not only white boards are great addition to an office, but it can also work miracles for brainstorming ideas and building the next million dollar company. Look for a good and fun option to buy your white board gift, one that is of quality and cost effective. Even 4′ x 8′ piece of white board can already be an awesome gift to give.

Vacation Trips

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Although just about anyone in the world would love this, an entrepreneur who is strapped for cash and finds it tough to even make it out of his/her office will appreciate it even more. Give him/her a weekend trip at a ski resort or a beach. You can always make it simple; however, make sure you demand that he/she puts work aside for a couple days to relax and have some fun.


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There’s no doubt that any small business owner would appreciate a good book. You can always check out some online sellers or the nearest shops that offers entrepreneurial books. This kind of gift will surely admired, as your boss is always looking for the best ideas out there.

A Business Mentor or Life Coach

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Why don’t you take that set of contacts and find somebody who has the experienced in the field of business or life coaching. Find someone who is willing to mentor your entrepreneur in all key aspects of life and business. You can even come to an agreement of whether they’ll conduct scheduled phone calls or meetups, so as to go over with business numbers and plans. A simple meeting with someone who has done it in the past can definitely go a long way for providing a new business tycoon the confidence and ideas.

Smart Phone


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If you know that your boss has yet to upgrade on either the Android or the iOS platform, then you certainly need to do it. Remember that in this mobile-connected world, a business that is outdated when it comes to technology is falling behind every competitor. In fact, giving a smart phone is a better idea if that person is yet to own a laptop.