Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts

Since time immemorial, green gifts have always been known being unique and clever. Above all, they help reduce carbon footprint. Due to being costly and difficult to find, however, they usually get a bad rap – let alone if recipients will love green corporate gift ideas.

Well, contrary to popular belief, these kind of gifts are actually great and dismiss the negative thoughts about the costs. Of course, with the right advice, you can really save lots of money while saving planet Earth.

Flip Flop Doormats

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Image Source: 7 Hopes United


When talking about products made from recycled materials, Flip Flop Doormats are the best way to go. It’s basically a doormat made of, well, re-purposed flip-flops. Not only are you being responsible, but you’re making (or giving) a really cool gift. It is quite useful for wiping dust and/or draining water. Apart from these, you have various options of texture and color. If you’re looking for a unique gift for your next corporate event, this could be your best option.

Drying Rack

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Image Source: Container Store

Are you trying to get rid of your dryer appliance? Well, this could one of the best ideas for corporate gift. Not only will you save boatloads of money on your electric bill, but you can also significantly help the environment. If you know that that person wants to reduce the hassle of hanging clothes, then a Drying rack could be the best solution.

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Soap Nuts

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Image Source: Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Company


Soap Nuts are guaranteed 100% biodegradable and can work miracles when cleaning clothes. Apart from that, you can get about twice as many loads for the same price as laundry detergent; hence they’re not just valuable green gifts, they’re budget-friendly, too.

Potted Herbs

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Image Source: Arizona Pottery


There’s no doubt that a lot of people appreciate receiving plants as a gift. If you’re planning to do the same thing, you can take the whole idea a step further than usual. You can go for Rosemary bushes, something that can grow large and make a useful housewarming gift compared to traditional ones. Moreover, they smell great whenever you brush them.

An Ecosystem Globe

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Image Source: Pinterest


The idea is to place a whole ecosystem in a glass globe – one that is totally self-contained. Such thing was first made by NASA, but has hugely influenced the mainstream market. This is without doubt the coolest gift you can ever give. It can last up to two years, thus you can say it’s a green gift that can last.

Vermicomposting Bin

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Image Source: My People PC


This is really great especially for someone who’s an outspoken advocate when it comes to going green. Vermicomposting Bin is designed for composting leftovers using worms. It may sound gross, but, hey, it’s a useful thing to have. When you throw food in the trash, it just gets hauled to the landfill like any other garbage would do. Remember that 20% of garbage is food, and when it decomposes, it releases methane – a harmful gas that has played a huge role in global warming.

Fabric Shopping Bags

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Image Source: Etsy


Nowadays, there are numerous chic reusable bags out in the market, and all of them make nice presents than the ordinary cheapies. You can make a one that folds into its own pocket. It’s apt for tucking in your coat pocket or purse, so you’ll always have one for those unexpected store stops. This is great for people who don’t want to own larger shopping bag stash.


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Image Source: Art Fire

Bandanas have always been useful in many ways, and a set can already serve as a casual dinner napkins your recipient. Also, they’re a bit more budget-friendly than expensive cloth napkins. They’re far more earth-friendly than the disposable ones and are a great “zero-waste” strategy.

Furthermore, bandanas can come very handy for travel enthusiasts. One can use them as dish cloths while on the road, or face masks for open-air travels on dusty roads. Heck you can utilize them as washcloths for showers and reusable wraps for foods such as fruits and muffins. Above all, they’re quite handy for various minor medical emergencies.

Organic Wine

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Image Source: Lehigh Valley Marketplace

Ah, who in Earth doesn’t love wine? If you’re looking for a gift that’s quick to find, organic wine is as about as simple as you can get. You can find one in various Organic Stores, all of which offers up to 10% discount if you buy more bottles. Not just that, as they usually offer a free organic fabric wine shopping bag. Organic wine is indeed an affordable gift you can give, and there are plenty of ways to you can do to save money when buying.