The Three Standards of Corporate Gifts Giving

Before you pull the trigger on ordering your first batch of corporate gifts, you might want to be more well-prepared than “Ok, I’m going in.”, Corporate gifts are more than just gifts, they are also a marketing tool, hence, an investment. In almost every part of the world, including Singapore, customized gifts have been a standard practice for companies in all industries. But just because it’s very common, doesn’t mean that you can do no wrong when it comes to corporate gifts giving.

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And if you are doing it because “Everyone else is doing it” – it is even more important that you try to maximize the benefits of giving out corporate gifts and avoid mistakes that will make this investment worthless.

If you don’t know where to start or where to avoid in your corporate gifts planning, then you’ve found the right place. Here are our three standards of corporate gifts giving, hope to be helpful for your corporate gifts giving planning!


  1. It’s a gift, not a bribe.


Avoid anything too flashy or expensive, especially if your customers include government organizations or bribe-sensitive industries like finance, pharmaceuticals or healthcare. Just because you would have no problem giving your friend an iPad as a gift doesn’t mean you should be giving iPad to your customers and potential customers. Most large companies have their own guideline when it comes to the value cap of corporate gifts. If your business does not currently have such guideline, an experienced corporate gifts vendor should be able to advise you based on industry standard. You don’t necessary have to follow big companies’ restriction of the value of corporate gifts, but being around the same range would be a safe play, and this is exactly the kind of matter that it’s best to play safe with.


  1. It’s not about you, it’s about your recipient.


Yes, corporate gifts can be a powerful marketing tool. And yes, you should definitely put your logo on the corporate gifts you are giving out. But no, you absolutely should not make it all about you.

This means that in the design and planning stage, you should have your recipient in mind, don’t focus on how big your logo can be or how many messages you can squeeze in to promote your service or product. Nobody likes a gift with agenda (Or, obvious agenda.) and this can backfire easily, causing negative reaction from your recipient.

Be subtle, be elegant with your marketing, market with moderation. Don’t give out a T-shirt that is filled with your business logo or has a big, oversized logo of your business right in the front and center. The best case scenario, it would never be worn. But the worst case? It could end up being used as a mop in a dirty bathroom somewhere near you. Nobody wins there. Except the bathroom.


  1. The more mobile it is, the better.


You can always give out gifts that will stay at the recipient’s office desk, but in order to maximize exposure for marketing purpose, the more mobile the gift is, the better. You want the recipient to bring it out with them so other people can see it. For example, a USB flash drive would be more likely to be seen by other people than a desk notepad.

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Another reason why it’s always better to choose a corporate gift that is more mobile is that, in all likeliness, your recipient’s entire office is probably already familiar with your product or service. Sure, you can always try to strengthen your brand image or recognition in that office, but your corporate gifts will probably have more marketing value when it’s being seen outside the office, generating brand recognition from potential customers.


After reading our 3 standards of corporate gifts giving, we hope that you now have a much better idea in your corporate gifts planning. Other than the aforementioned 3 standards, it also goes without saying that corporate gifts should always be sensitive to different cultures and avoid anything provocative.


If you are still not sure where to start with your planning even after knowing the what-not’s, not to worry, you can always speak to a couple different corporate gifts vendors to get an idea of what is appropriate for the occasion or the latest trend.

And it just so happens that we would love to speak with you and help you get a better idea! Don’t be shy, give us a call now and we would be happy to answer your questions!